Saturday, August 18, 2007

A good friend of mine needs some opinions

I have a close friend that needs some help dealing with a problem. Please help and put your honest gut reaction as to what you would do or how you would respond.
All Comments welcome!!!!

Someone took a comment that was made and destroyed a friendship, so the person deals with it.

Someone turned out to be NOT a nice person, even if the person still has others fooled, and they deal with it. Someone stole a weekly meme idea because they are either

A) are not creative enough to come up with an original concept, or

B) wanted to piss them off because said person is NOT a nice person ~
and they are trying to deal with it. How would you deal with a situation where you know if you bring up the truth, it has the potential to make yourself look like the petty, jealous one, when some mean psycho bitch is out there deluding people?


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well knowing who this is, my opinion is swayed, but i do think this candy assed person is someone without an original thought in her head and has to steal to make a post, every post is something copied or either a whine about some crap. and she seeks sympathy from others to feed her ego. and people fall into her web so easily. i know i did. for awhile. not any more! jmho!

smiles, bee

crazy working mom said...

I think that unfortunately we can put on rose colored glasses sometimes. No matter what others tell us, or how they warn us we will still not accept that something is harmful to us whether it is physical or mental. It's kind of like standing in a room full of fog, ya see. It's hard to tell it's really foggy until you step back and look and then you realize. It's a shame that people use excuses, like mental illness to be mean and hurtful. It's sad to see good people hurt for foolish reasons.

But, sadly enough people will have to figure this out on their own. :(

Sarge Charlie said...

This type of person thrives on personal recognition, the best thing I have found to do is ignore them, eventually they will go away.

Morgen said...

Bee, Tisha, and Sarge: very good advice.

CallieAnn: you crack me up and amaze me. Love you bunches! I hope your "friend" knows how wonderful their friends are. (I think he does!)

Star8278 said...

Without knowing the details, my gut reaction is to cut ties.

No one that does that is a good person or friend. Surround yourself with love, laughter and friends you can count on and the rest of the world can't touch you.

Comedy + said...

Wow, I may or may not know. Some of my friends have to guide me in the right direction all the time. I must be wearing rose colored glasses. I say ignore them and they will go away. The direct approach my indeed put you in a bad place. You and I are awful direct though so this is going to be tough. Often folks find all this stuff out anyway.

Whatever you do will be the right choice...I just know it. Big hug and I love you girl! :)

Amazing Gracie said...

Callie, you're a blessing!!! I love the way you handle things. I tend to believe that most people are good and it rears up and bites me in the butt now and again. I am too trusting...
I hope, that once most people discover what monstrous wrong has been done to your friend, they'll back away from the person who is causing the hurt! Is that too much to wish for???
No one deserves to be deceived like this!

One Kind Act said...

It sounds like this person is starving for attention.
I agree with Sarge Charlie, ignore them... They'll get theirs somewhere down the road.


captain lifecruiser said...

I've always found that the most effective way is to IGNORE. Those kind of persons is feeding from reactions and if there is no reaction, it's not that fun any more. Remember the saying: "a negative response is better than no response at all". Which is how they work, therefor ignore.

Don't let this GET to you, to drag you down in their shit, just shake it off and go on with your happier life without that person.

I don't really know what it's all about, butt IF it's applicable to this situation:

I would announce and start with my meme idea anyway and tell facts about the situation without saying anything too negative about the other one.

Or come up with an even better idea of a meme to tease the person a bit... *giggles*