Sunday, August 05, 2007

Howdy there

It feels like only yesterday or so that my grandson Jack was born. Wow, time flies. Also, of course like I said before their is another one on the way. Bun is in the oven so to speak.

The weather is beautiful this morning. Yesterday on my way to work at 6:45, Hot air ballons were in the air. I saw one that was different. It was more like a Japanese Lantern with 4 points on top. Hard to explain. I took a pic but, it so small. I will try to post the picture I took later today.

This summer is strange. It seems like July just drug on forever, now August is here and zooming thru it is. Wow, I am going to Las Vegas in September, then off to Shannon's in October. I am looking forward to these two trips. In Vegas I will see family and float in the swimming pool. In October I am going to Shannon's and we will go to San Francisco one of the days and the rest of the time possibly scrapping and sleeping and playing with Shann's Dogs. She has that little guest Cottage I stay in. So fun!!!! Well, sweet friends and family. My mission this week will be to check in with you all at least once a day.

Be good be safe and be free.

Love Callie Ann


Linda said...

Hi Callie Ann! So nice to see a post from you today and to hear that it's a beautiful day out on the West Coast.

Time really does fly as here it is the 5th of August already. Before we know it summer will be over and that's okay by me as I'm just not a summer-kinda gal! Heat and humidity are NOT my idea of a good time!

Sounds like you have some wonderful trips coming up and that's definitely something to look forward to! I've been working on an email to you but I sure am slow lately!

Take it easy and don't forget to watch BB tonight and catch us all up on it!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

well lookit who surfaced today! our own little callieallbratgirlfriend!!! yay... hi honey.

smiles, bee

Comedy + said...

I'm about 1.5 hours from San Francisco. Pretty close now isn't it? I've really missed talking to you and know that your busy time will be over soon. Glad about that too. :)

captain lifecruiser said...

Wanna have a peek with London eye….?

London is for your feet as Lifecruiser ship has anchored at Thames….. *giggles*

So, how about becoming an A-Team Cruiser and doing a report afterwards from this planned trip's of yours...?

Let me know if you're interested :-)

captain lifecruiser said...

...or if you want to come and have some romance and other stuff in Paris... *giggles*

Amazing Gracie said...

Gee, Callie girl! Sounds like some pretty good offers up there! It is so GOOD to see you up and about here in ol' blog land!!! Your presence has been sorely missed. You are a breath of sunshine.

Morgen said...

a mini Jack Jack in the works, eh?

August does seem to be zipping by, doesn't it???