Saturday, September 22, 2007

Dog Day Saturday.

So here it is a early Saturday morning. So I have just been wondering what everyone is up to. So what have you been up to? What are your weekend plans. Mine, well clean this house. Make it smell good. I will be back to work on Monday. Am I looking forward to it? NO.. Not at all. I would rather spend a month off, getting the house in shape.
I hope this happens when I get up this morning later that is. I need to take the dogs for a walk. Yep, get off my rump and take them for a walk. They will probably freak at first and think what's wrong with mom? Why do we get this special treat? They will talk amongst themselves of course. They won't let me into their private conversations. Unless it has to do with food or needing out for a potty break. Well, I sure hope Saturday is for the Dogs anyway. It's nice to be back to blogging. Now I need to go visit some special friends I haven't seen in months on the blogs. Have a good day.


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi callieannbratgirlfriend!! good morning honey, cute doggie.

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Hi callie, good to hear from you again.

crazy working mom said...

Hey stranger! :)

That photo is too cute.

Hey, when you get finished cleaning yours, will you please come clean mine. I just can't get motivated!!!

Amazing Gracie said...

Schnauzers have the cutest faces! I love how our Zoe looks up at me, like she's reading my mind...
They're extremely smart dogs, too!
Cracks me up cuz Zoe is the smartest of the two but Katie rules the roost!