Monday, October 22, 2007

Today was Monday

Thought's on the day. It started at 5:00 am. Getting busy I was feeding the dogs and brewing coffee. I jumped in the shower in hopes of starting the day out in a smoother way. Shower done, get the coffee.. go to the computer. First blog Tormville, ah she has posted. I really enjoy her blog and her talkings about the little ones in her life. She is a very creative person. After Torms blog then off to check emails. Nothing no one wrote

Off to work I flew. IBarely there on time but made it.

Peanut came to work with me today. It had been a while since she had been to work. So she enjoyed every minute of it. I love that dog.

Today it was Sunny out. Simply wonderful, on the cool side.

I heard the terrible news of the people and their homes in southern california all the terrible fires.

I was so tired at work. Simple exhausted it was hard to focus. I feel so crafty lately I just want to wander home and play with all my craft things, cards, pictures little goodies. Just play. But, then I didnt' feel good and I went home took a nap and then went to Melissa's tonight and played with craft things.

Then I get home around 10:45 and hear the terrible news that Marie Osmond fainted on Dancing with the stars. She said sometimes she gets winded and faints. I can't help but, think of my Aunt Pat when I saw the clip on the news. Putter, did tell me that both my mom and my aunt called to see if I had been watching. Sorry guys I wasn't home.
What a day. Off to bed now, to begin again tomorrow. It's something stupid like 11:34pm. Sometimes I think it's so stupid that we have to go to bed. There are so many things left to do in life. Especially since it's fall and christmas and such is just around the corner. Take care and sleep well. Hung your loved ones tonight and tell them you love them. Sweet Dreams.


Amazing Gracie said...

Callie, I'm sorry you can't stay home and play with all of your goodies. I used to with for that, too, and now that I'm home, I can't find most of the stuff I wanted to play with! I've got to organize everything like it was at the other house.
I want to take the time and send you a huge hug ((((O)))))!!!

Amazing Gracie said...

Hmmmm....just read what I wrote and realized the first couple of lines sound kinda strange! But you know what I mean!!!

Star8278 said...

Sometimes sleep is sooo overated. I wish I could be scrapping instead of working, too.

Hang in there, you'll find the time and than look out, as those creative juices will flow.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I used to think sleeping was a waste of time too. I don't know, but I used to. I think it's because we want to do so many other things besides work all the time. Another big hug right behind Gracies. :)

JustMeShann said...

I haven't "hung" any of my loved ones lately, but I could work on it I guess....... Hahahahahah! I love when you have typo's they are so fun!!! Love ya Girly!

Mo said...

I want to stay home and play with craft stuff, too.
Of course, I would end up putting on an episode of Buffy and taking a nap...
Not that I'm not unsympathetic to Marie Osmond, but don't you think it's a weird world we live in that when Marie Osmond faints on Dancing With The Stars - it is on National News?????
Oh, what a world!

I'm still chuckling about "hung your loved ones tonight"...

{{{hungs}}} to you!

Sharyn said...

hung? LOL
you're funny!