Thursday, December 27, 2007


WE went to Newport Bay yesterday on the Oregon Coast. It was Cold and Windy. It was about 35 degrees. The Waves had at least 30 foot swells out there. It was awesome Brrrrrrr. My mom jumped right back in the Van. She said once her Knee gets too cold the pain gets horrible. So mom didn't venture. But we sure did, woke you up. All your senses stood right up. Jake and Allie
New Port Bay Bridge
Reno Experimenting with the Wind
Sunset on a Cold Windy day. On our way back home it was snowing on the passes. My brother drove like the crazy man that he is. While Mom put her hand on mine and said
"Close your eyes"
It was so funny. Reminded Me of My Grandmother. She is funny like that.


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I've been over that bridge a time or two. I used to go visit family in my hometown of Tillamook, Oregon. Love going Highway 1. Beautiful country. Thanks for sharing and have a great day girlfriend. :)

Linda said...

I've been over that bridge myself a time or two a very long time ago. My first husband's grandmother lived up there with her daughter after her husband passed away and we went up to visit.

Love the new look and all the pictures! Very, very nice over here, girlfriend!

Mags said...

Looks like a loverly day my bratty girl! Thanks for taking pictures of it and sharing it with us.

I myself am not as good at posting pictures (so you pointed out last week!) but will start again since I got a new camera! :)

Comedy club tomorrow if I can take pics (but for sure can of the North End) and New Year's Eve on Boston Common.

Stay tuned. :)

JustMeShann said...

Great Pictures! Making Memories that is what it is all about! Glad your having fun and Glad someone else drives like me! Love ya, Shann