Friday, January 18, 2008

Another one of those

So today was a mostly non productive day. First off it's dry and cold. Brrrr.

Of course I couldn't sleep last night it was actually horrid. As you all know those sleepless night's are annoying. So as a bad start to a bad day, I was fashionably late to work. So to cover up such a flub. I went to the post office to get the new key for the mail box on the next street. Did many more errands for work. No one was the wiser. Of course I will not charge my boss for hours I didn't work. He just doesn't need to wonder when I actually started. Hmm sounds good to me.

Finally at 4:30 pm my computer desk and computers and all the other stuff I use were in working order. I am glad the day is over.

I need to unwind from this week and relax and go have me some fun. But, what will that be???
We have two parties we are suppose to attend tomorrow evening. A third party was on the books also. But, that was a poker party for the dudes. So we opted out of that one.

So that leaves me with tonight it's a Friday and I am home alone as per the usual. Hmm I think I will watch me some Dog Whisperer. Hmm that's my thrill on Mountain View Hill.

Until tomorrow sweet friends. Chow, babes.


Linda said...

Sweetie, I am the Queen of Non-Productive! It was my day off and I had a ton of stuff to do but do you think I did any of it? Nope - and it's back to work tomorrow for me! I really need to learn to be more organized!

Anonymous said...

love you sista

Amazing Gracie said...

So, you're a Cesar fan, too? I've learned a lot, especially with the Schnauzer. They're a stubborn lot to deal with!
Don't feel bad. Here it is Friday night, 2:43 a.m. and see what I'm doing???