Monday, January 28, 2008

April such a long time from now.

Cruise Time is in April.
I am excited. These are just a simple few of my favorite pics from The Hawaii Cruise.
That water is so blue and cool. Just simply Awesome

I am looking at the dates on these pics. 05 man time has flown. I loved that trip. In my life I have went on a couple of other cool trips.

Like the time we drove down to Cabo in our 4x4 with some Super friends. The only thing that screwed that up was my X-Husband. He tended to be a pain in the arse on trips. We could never go anywhere without having a fight. It was STUPID. He loved to fight. But, I digress. I can't ruin my happy time with a memory of a Butt Head. Whoops..... I will add a positive, I got two kids out of it that I love like CRAZY!!!! And of course Jack Pepper.

But, anyway I had such an awesome time with my son playing in the Mexican Side of the water there, Dang I can't remember the body of water. It's like a skinny gulf. Oh well, we had to watch out for these little mantra rays. I probably have the spelling or something messed up any way they would hover in the water kind of close to shore. A little scary but you get over it, when the wave crashes you down. My son and I would run out in the waves and they would knock us down and carry us back. Weeee It was stupid fun. We laughed so hard. I kept losing the top to my bathing suit. That was kind of annoying.

Then this house we stayed in that was our friends parents, a super cool house. Well, by the wall where Justin slept was a scorpion on the wall. CRAP that was scary. I honestly can't remember what happen to it. Hopefully it met the bottom of a shoe or something.

Oh and another awesome memory was Fish Taco's... Man it was my first time ever having those. They were the best. Never really had one that was quite the same. Some have come close but never the same. Boy, I am amazed by these memories. Blast from the past. It is also where Justin drove the land cruiser a lot of the time that we were in Baja. Thrilled that KID to eternity.

Just a side note. I kind of use this blog as a journal. So sorry if I ramble on and on and on.
Have a great day, all ya'll.


Star8278 said...

Oh, to be near that gorgeous water right now!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

tell us all about the upcoming cruise honey!!! please???

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

I love the photos, a cool place for sure.