Thursday, January 31, 2008

Boring Blog Block

It seems I am having a blog block. So I will bore you with details.

  • So I am like this life longer member of Jenny Craig. So I am going for it again. I lost 80 pounds before I started hanging with Putter. Well, then everything we did seemed to revolve it's self around Food. Even Racing is all about food. So I am ready to go for it again. It will be pretty easy because I basically eat all by myself anyway. So my food will pop it-self in the micro throw some veggies or salad at my plate and wala. That is what was going to happen. Well, Jess and I went up there yesterday to get my first week of food and Shazam they say you can't start yet because you take insulin and we have to get that approved by the nutritionist and your doctor.... Bla.bla blalalalalalal.... Boring. So I have been sidelined for about two weeks. Frustration!!

  • Jack and Jessica and Mike all have a cold/flu thingy. So I haven't had my Jack Jack fix lately. It is frustrating.

  • I haven't seen Putter basically since Sunday night. Because he is at work whenever I am at home. This is sucking. When I am at work he is at home sleeping.

  • I don't even see Justin anymore and he lives here. If I stay up real late I will see him for a second before he is off to bed. He works the Swing Shift at Selmet.

  • The dogs are happy to see me when I get home. That's cause it's meal time and then they lay down. The weather is to dang cold and rainy to take them for walks.

  • I am watching a re-run of CSI Las Vegas tonight. That is boring because I am not paying attention to it.

  • Now I come to the end of this boring blog post. So go and make something exciting happen for me. Thanks


Linda said...

Boring or not it's always nice to read a post from you!

I wish we had a Jenny Craig close by here somewhere (and I had the money to afford it) as it seems like a good weight loss program and one that is easy to stick to. Sorry you're been sidelined for a couple of weeks but hopefully you'll get the okay from your doctor and then be on your merry - and slimmer! - way.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Hope you see Putter soon. I can see why you are bored...newly married and all. You need some sunshine too. That always makes one feel better. This was not a boring post CallieAnnBrat. Big hug. :)