Friday, January 11, 2008

I miss the snow!!!!

I am sad today. It's just raining to much in Oregon.

I miss the place that I grew up in. Pollock Pines California which is just 14 miles above Placerville in California. I am actually missing all the snow. Wow, never thought I would say that but I am. Just emailed a friend of mine and asked if I could get a pic of the snow when they go skiing.
I Loved it when we got a heavy snow and the tree limbs were just loaded to the tips with heavy snow. I miss going wheelin up in the snow and we would stop and everyone would turn off their vehicles and you could hear a pin drop and then you would hear "Snap" and it would be a "widow maker". We use to call a tree breaking from the stress of the snow that because it would either fall and could kill someone or the top would just break off and that could kill someone also. If my friend emails me a pick I will post it here.
Just reflecting on past happy times.

I was a lucky kid to be able to grow up in Eldorado County and get to go snowmobiling and sledding and back packing.

Okay I am done rambling about that. Back to work.


Mags said...

pfft...come to Boston. We have a friggen Nor'easter coming on Sunday!

Amazing Gracie said...

My cuz lives in the mountains by Big Bear/Arrowhead in CA. The snow plow put all of the snow right on top of her walkway and she couldn't get out of her house!
I've never lived in a snowy area; she loves it. I like to visit it...