Saturday, January 12, 2008

Some things take a good long while to happen.

Why is this? Why does one procrastinate?

Examples of self

I have had a $50.00 I tune card given to me last Christmas and a $15.00 one this year. Why did it take me until now to go and buy the songs I love?

Why do I still have a $42.00 check from the IRS in my possession, Why don't I put it in the bank?

Why does it take forever to do almost everything for me?

Procrastination, I feel is a lazy thing. I feel so good when I get it done it's amazing. Then why do I torture myself? I really think this is a world class problem and it goes far out beyond my front door. It's almost like I don't do it unless I am under the gun. I can only imagine how much I could accomplish if I just got up and did it. But, then that would be to easy and then what stupid things would I wonder about.

Today is a Saturday......... I have played with Music on my computer all day. Oh yeah I took 15 minutes to take a Shower. Thank the heavens I did that. I have laundry to do, a house to clean, dogs to walk, weeds to look at. The sun is shining here and there. Thank God!!! I thought I might drown from all that rain. It's been a long while since it has rained like this in Oregon.

The mountains are packed with snow. I would love to go wheelin' with my son tonight. But, the last time I went with him in Moab, Utah. The seat he had his mother in was only secured down with one screw and of course there were no doors on the beast. But, we had fun after going over the rocks we went down a long, long, long dirt road. Pinky, (my son) thought we may get there faster if we slid around all the corners. It wasn't so bad except when the g-forces and gravity thru me to the right. The people behind us thought well, damn he is going to throw his mother out of that damn P.O.S. toyota truck. Because my seat would rare up on the right side. Only thing holding this big momma was that screw. Well, people he didn't throw me out, but when we were all caravaning from the dirt road onto the highway back to camp. Well, there was another Jeep behind us. Gordy's to be exact and one of his wheels came flying by us. Well, Pinky the nutt he decided he needed to fetch this thing. So with the truck still moving and me in the passenger seat he freakin' bailed on me. To chase the wheel and tire with a Big Diesel truck bearing down on his ass. Coming at him. I am not quite sure when it was that logic flew into the Boy's head. But, he is still alive today with no scratches. Talk about being one problem minded. Huh, do I really want to go tonight?

This is a picture of the Pinky from last year when he drove back from his Uncles in Illinois. The nutt drove straight thru. His buddy was asleep. Pinky had just hit Oregon and decided to take a self portrait. Oh Yeah he was towing that beast in the picture above. So this was around Hour 32... What a Crazy. Oh to be young again. I used to be able to do Stupid shit like that. Now thou, seems I want the best and easiest. Hmm might be an age thing. So I will ask again should I go wheelin' with the boy. Love ya Kid....... Your Mom.....

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Amazing Gracie said...

Go - only if YOU get to drive!