Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday in the Wee Morn

Here it is Sunday Morning at 4:53am. Haven't slept yet. Tried but can't. The Freezing rain has ceased, now it's just rain, rain and more rain. Today I go to Haley's and make 3 projects. Should be fun, but I hope I sleep before I go. Hmm, What is it with this not sleeping stuff. I feel wide awake. Why???? What purpose does it serve????

On another note, Jessica's baby shower was yesterday. This evening I will post some pics. She got some nice things for Brighton. Well, yall have a good Sunday.

5 Generations......Oh Yeah Jake, your idea sounds simply Awesome. Let's see what we can do, Kim was wanting to do the same thing. Oh yeah her daughters name is Kalea and the new one will be Lola.

Later Ya'll.


Anonymous said...

oh didnt know there was another coming well congrats to kimmy get some sleep kid miss you love jake

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Wow, I'm glad I don't stay up all night. I would hate that. I need my 8-9 hours every single night. Try to get a nap at least. Love you sweetie. Big hug. :)