Monday, January 07, 2008

This and That

Current Events.

It sure isn't snowing anymore. The skies are cloudy, the sun peaked thru the clouds . It's still dang cold thou.

As I look at my post before this one I think. Man, when I write these things I don't see all the Typo's. I hate my own Typo's. I don't mind other people's Typo's. I bet when I post this there will be a dang typo. Misery's

Well, went and got an echo gram on the old heart ticker today. Got me a swoosh = little murmur in the bottom of the heart. The radiologist wrote on my paper "Will not rule out shunt". So what ever that means, won't know until the doc calls me. Oh Well, we will see.

Kicked the Morphine, been off it 6 days now after being prescribed the stuff for 14 months. Still can't sleep very well which is a withdrawal symptom but every day it gets better and I get more and more energy. Yippee!!!!

After the doc calls about the Heart I am going to make sure I can exercise. I am going to the Start walking and going to the gym on rainy days. Hmm, I live in Oregon, might be at the Gym a lot. Looking to firm up some parts and lose some other parts. My dream is to lose this fat and be firm and I will probably need a operation to get rid of extra.

Work is still outrageously idiotic. I actually have to yell at my boss once in a while cause he is an idiot in charge of the village idiots. Crap I will look for a new job. But, I make such good money from this yay-hoo so I am not sure what to do. It's terrible being greedy.

Well, I think that is about all the stuff I can think of to yack about.

So until later. Have yourself a good one.

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Linda said...

Big congratulations on kicking the morphine - that's a tough thing to do and I am really, really proud of you!

Keep me posted on your heart, too, I don't like that he wrote "won't rule out shunt" on the bottom of your paperwork. I don't think a small heart murmur should require a shunt but then again, I just dispatch the professionals so what do I know?

If you come up with a good way to lose the fat and keep it off, let me know as I'd love to tell mine hasta la vista, baby, too!