Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I apologize for bringing this topic up. But, I really do want some answers from some other people or solutions to this Horrid Problem. So here I am at work today and I have a question. This certain problem I am going to address has amazed me my whole life.

Why Do Some Men Think Everyone On Earth Wants To Smell Their Daily Duty?

I ask this. It really makes me sick.

For Example for some reason when they go to the Duty house they think the Fan that man invented isn't a necessary device to use. "I say you men made the damn fans, Use them." Another Thing. Why can't they use an air freshener which is usually provided in bathrooms except for their own?

Example: Like I said I am at work. Now the shop guys are closer. Just A minute, I am gagging........... Okay.

Well, the Men's bathroom is in the hall down from my office. Some one who shall remain unidentified has just used this room and left the Dang Door open. This is getting unbearable. Why would this person think that it is necessary to upset other people with their horrid odor. Gosh .... I feel ill. This problem is wafting into my office. It's Fricken Unfair and Gross. This guy stinks on a normal day just walking around. I have air freshener in my office so when he goes to the shop I get it out and spray away.

Now even some men in their own homes find it unnecessary to close the door. Why? Why do they want this odor filtering thru their own home? I can't take it. Even when I am home alone I will shut the door. Except if I am just tinkling.

Another question even when some of these Men are in a public domain they will just as people call it "Let er' Rip Fred". People have been known to get ill from such pranking. Like in Grocery Stores they will Just Freakin, as I call it "Silent But Deadly's". They Blast and Run and then a poor unexpected person comes along just shopping for their groceries and BAM it hits them. Well, then most of us Women know that we have to get the heck out of that aisle and run for it, so that another poor soul doesn't think we were the culprit. It's so Wrong!!!!!

Gads. So I will ask. Do you men have an idea of the stuff you torture people with??

So flipping back to work. Should I tell these guys to grow up and Freakin quit being rude and take care of the problem? What would you suggest???


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Some men are just clods honey and they don't care. They think all this stuff is funny. I so understand, but there isn't much you can do. :)

JustMeShann said...

I suggest putting a sign on the wall at eye level above the toilet that reads: Please turn on the "bathroom fan" when you are doing your business and when you leave please shut the door behind you... Thank you, the Toilet Fairy!

Angela said...

It started at childhood and they just NEVER grow up!!! :-). Good luck trying to get them to read:-). If you put up a sign all they are going to do is pester you even more knowing you don't like it. Sorry to tell ya there really isn't much you can do unless you go to the Boss and sincerely complain about the problem. Good luck and let us know an update.

Have a warm & cozy evening!!

crazy working mom said...

I love the previously mentioned sign idea!

Some people, men AND women are just inconsiderate and don't care about others.

My daughter has to spray on perfume after she goes to do her business. She thinks that smell stays on her afterward! She WILL NOT do it at school, either. She holds it all day 'till she gets home.

Anonymous said...

well lets just address this issue head on go tell the rude stinkey what the problem is and that you dont appriceate it in the least you attack this problem head on with the offender and thay will most likley adhear to your wishes. there is an older woman at work that douses herself with toilet water the kind that gives me an instant headache on contact. you know the kind you know when shes in the building anyway i attacked the problem head on. iv hade great success with the up front approach. ps if i have to put the lid up you should have to put it down lil bro Jake

Mo said...

Love the Bathroom Fairy idea!
And I KNOW what you mean - at work, I have to share the bathroom with another business, and there is a woman who uses the toilet WEIRD - she must perch on the edge of the seat, so that her "duty" always falls above the water line. What's up with that?
Then she just flushes ONCE and leaves (no fan, no air freshener, which I provide!) -- leaving half of her "duty" on the porcelain in the bowl.
I think the Bathroom Fairy needs to visit me, too!

Amazing Gracie said...

Just reading Mo's post makes me gag! It's bad enough when that happens at home. Ick!
The Bathroom Fairy was a funny idea, but you'd probably get stuck with a weird knickname...
Stick an old-fashioned Air-Wick in there...
I'm sorry for your "stinky" dilemma!