Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My Little Jack

It was a tough day. Work was tough. Life was tough... Tonight Jess called and Jack was walking down the hall and his eardrum exploded and stuff blew out of it. My goodness, so then she called me to give her a ride to the emergency... So yep Jack has another ear infection 1 of 12 now. Finally they are going to evaluate him for ear tubes. Poor little guy. When I was getting him out of his car seat, his mom started sneezing, he was so concerned he was trying to stretch his neck around to see her and then he said "you alright". Just about broke my heart. I love that kid!!! So now he is on antibiotics again and drops. This Nana feels terrible for him.


Jessica's Blog said...

U ok? lol his daddy taught him to say that. They get to rough housing and check to see if the other is ok. Cutest damn thing! Tonight he got a little rough with Dory and I scolded him for it. A few minutes later he went up to Dory and pet her head and asked her "U ok?" so sweet. Love you Mom! Thanks for your help!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I'm so sorry that Jack Jack has so many ear infections. My son did too, and he eventually out grew them. They are so miserable though when they have the ear infections. Big hug honey. :)

Mo said...

Oh, what an awful thing - exploding eardrums!
I hope the antibiotics help the little rascal!

mo mo

Mags said...

OH NO!! Poor little Jack Jack!!! I hate it when little ones are sick-but ear aches are the worst...I hope he feels better soon.