Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Am I a BB addict? Why Yes

Who would have thought that so many Americans and Canadians could be obsessed with a TV program. Well, Friends it has happened...Thousands of people sit in front of their computers watching the live feeds and chatting on line with new friends they have made. Who would have thunk it.
The theory behind this show is you take about 12 to 16 people stick them in a house. The only reading material they have is the Bible. No TV, No Music, They won't even let you sing or whistle. For 12 weeks, week by week they have competitions to see who will when Head of Household. Then Head of Household Nominates 2 people for eviction. The people then have a competition to see who will win the Power of Veto.. With this little gem you can take yourself off the eviction block or take someone else off. Then the Head of Household must choose someone else to go up for eviction. Then the people in the house vote who they want to evict. This game is cut throat. It changes hour by hour on who will be voted out. The stress these people are under is insane. The end result is the winner wins $500,000. When it gets down to the last two contestants, the Jury picks the winner. The Jury consists of the last 8 or 9 people evicted from the house. The lies, and low down schemes are unreal in this house.
Usually this program is on in the summer time. But, because of the beloved writer's strike and nothing for anyone to watch they chose do have a winter/spring big brother. Now there is to much to watch, all my reality's shows are bumping into each other. American Idol, Chef Ramsey, Dancing with the Stars, Biggest Loser. My Friends people all over American are in a huge dilemma. Seems the invention of the Tivo, DVR what ever you chose is causing consumers to purchase 2 to 3 of these little gems to have in their homes. Reason being, It would be horrid to miss a show.
Good luck fellow Big Brother Crazy's. Yes, a lot of us won't admit to watching the show. This show is an addiction. It's like a drug. God Bless the poor soul that is drug into this thing.
I have blogger friends addicted, Real people in front of my face friends and family addicted, Online Chat friends addicted and many in the closet with the BB9 Feeds on. I could shout out an 100 plus names of peeps I know living this life. But, then I could be in big trouble. So fellow BB nuts. I hear they are thinking of a Re-hab program for the addicted to the soul.
Be Good and Don't you dare miss a thing.. OH yeah there are blogs and websites all over the Internet with tons of information about what is going on in the house at this very minute. Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sarge Charlie said...

Miss Bee is still watching, I think it has outlived its self.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

are you talking about me???

smiles, bee

Mary Miles said...

i hate to admit it, but i've never watched. i might start though. who knows! lol


Amazing Gracie said...

Oh yeah, you're so right! Me and hubman wouldn't miss a show! And that's 3 days a week! And then there's Survivor. Hubman watches the Dancing...I also like Amazing Race..
It can get you, for shure!!!
(Who do you want to win BB?)

Mo said...

I think the people in BB9 house are all jerks. I don't want any of them to win $500,000...
they need to give it to me!