Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Biz on Me

Man I am feeling old lately...
Saw the dietitian today.. Well, she taught me how to regulate my insulin to what I eat... Wow... She put me on a 1400 calorie a day program.. So hopefully that face over to the right will decrease in fatness..
Also I was informed my Thyroid has went bonkers... Let's just say let's put more Trash on the burn pile...
That's is just an update on me...
Also I think I have started thru the dang change... Emotions all over the road.. Makes me feel like I have gone nuts.. One day I will have all the patience in the world... The next day you better get the frick out of the way...
Anyone else have this problem???? I am sure there are a ton of you out there..
I need a vacation to Shann's for a weekend just to scrapbook with her... I have a wedding to scrapbook.. By the way all the crap behind me is my scrap supplies and lots' more ya can't see. What a mess!!!


kyles said...

Hi Callie,

I have been lurking for a few weeks now and thought I should say hi, so hi! I am sorry you have all these health issues wrecking havoc on you right now. Last year I needed to have my gallbladder out and the doctor told me i was too fat to operate. After I finished muttering at him under my breath and facing the indignation of being told yet again I needed to lose weight, I grabbed the bull by the horns, I have lost 26kg since August last year. I have been using a website called, not being paid by them at all it struck a cord when you said 1400 calorie limit, and I have found the food diary there really useful in terms of educating myself about what I can and can't eat. Now I just have to make it through

oh PS, I also scrap, thats how I found ya! Feel free to check out my blog, I don't have any scrapping on there...YET!!,



Star8278 said...

Hey girl! Hang in there, there's better days to come. Just remember that everyone loves you and we're here for you.

Have a great weekend, get scrappin!!!

Sarge Charlie said...

Believe or not, there is an end to that dang change.

JustMeShann said...

Good Morning Cal... Hey, here's the deal; come on down for a weekend or so and we will start the walking and dieting together as in we will spend a weekend of scrapping, walking and talking food and diet... Maybe we can get each other on the go in a positive way, because we both feel over whelmed with where to start... Give it a thought... Love ya, Shann

Anonymous said...

Hey Callie,
I have always watched your blog thru Shann's. One word about the thyroid is once you get it to the right level your mood should level out. I have dealt with this my whole life. Get regular blood (TSH) levels get a dr. that keeps a good eye on it. If the Dr. puts you on medicine because it's low insist on the name brand Synthroid. It makes a big difference and it is not expensive. I'm just trying to help.

Angie in Ak (Shann's sister in law)

Linda said...

Hey there Miss Brat,

I was going to say that your thyroid is probably mostly to blame for the mood changes that you're going through. I think you're still a bit young for honest-to-goodness menopause, though we all get it at different ages. I'm sure that once you get it settled down, you'll find that your mood improves - just like Angie up above said.

Sounds like you should definitely get down to Shannon's and take a break for a bit.

Try to have a nice weekend!

Callie Ann said...

To Kylie I am so glad you introduced yourself... Hi, Friend..
Thanks for the link on the calorie deal I will check it out and your blog.. Yeah, I haven't got much scrapbooking on my site either.. Oh well, we will both get there one day.. Off to visit you now..
Later Girl,

Callie Ann said...

Thank you Star, Sarge Charlie and Shann... Yes, I will be down soon Shann..

Angie, I see you visit alot, so glad you finally said something..Thanks for the information I will find out more on wednesday I will go see the doc again.. I will keep you posted to you can let me know if the doc is an idiot or not. Thanks for messaging me.

Oh Linda,

Thanks girl, My moods have been wacked out so bad, I can't hardly stand myself..Some times I act like a stupid teenager in the way I feel.. I don't want to relive that age again..Hell NO!!! I am hanging in there you know I do.. I just might be biotchy about it..
LOL Love ya girly

Anonymous said...

If you want you can get my e-mail address thru Shannon.


Mo said...

Well, honey I ain't going through the change, but I can relate to having all the patience in the world one day and get the frick outta my way the next!
I think you look LOVELY in that photo by the way - NO way do you look like a grandma!

mo mo