Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Another Wednesday

On to New things:
Started by Jenny Craig Program Yesterday. Day 1 down..
Did fine, Feel Fine, Am Fine

Just heard they are evacuating over 2000 peeps on the big island in Hawaii... Volcano is active.. Putter and I visited this volcano when we were there. It's the largest National Park on the island. Which is on the Hilo side of the big island. Wow, Just saw picks, They said a new vent opened up on the Volcano in March. Now that horrid smell like, Rotten Eggs is spewing from the Volcano. which is very harmful to peeps respitory systems. Look out they are thinking it's going to blow. I will be watching this event. My goodness

Other than that I hope that you do like the music, just hit the play button when you want to hear and you can change songs that you want to listen to by clicking the song you want to hear. Have fun..

Off to work in a few, Lots to do since I am going cruzin the end of the month.

Until Later Have a good day


Mo said...

Hey there - cool picture.
Can't imagine being somewhere that a volcano might destroy my home & my town! Wow.
Congrats on Day 1 of JC - one day at a time, sweet CallieAnn.

love from your peep,

MamaFlo said...

We saw the same from a cruise ship last spring.
Fabulous natural happenings!!

Sarge Charlie said...

That is a great photo, I would love to see that. We did see an eruption on an island near Italy last fall but it was just smoke and sparks shooting up.