Thursday, May 08, 2008

Putt and Senior' Frog Legs

So this is Putter checking out Senior Frog... This is in Puerto Vallarta. Notice the Carl's Jr in the back ground... My god this place is nothing like the trip I took about 12 years ago. Now that was a good Mexico trip. I never once saw a fish taco cart. Oh I miss those. Nope on this trip it was America all over the place. Yucky.

1st Stop San Diego.. I loved that place.

2nd Stop Cabo.. boring just as boring as it was 12 years ago. All though one fun thing happend. We were tendered in to the port and from there we hoofed it into town and walked around for what seemed like forever. So after a few hours of that crap. There was a dude there who was on a ten speed pulling a two person pony cart. I looked at my mom, my mom looked at me.. I said to the guy how much... $7.00 he said. I was all over that. Well, we climbed in. We went down the street to turn around to go the right way on the street. As we did that, Uncle Bob and Aunt Pat saw us.. WE started laughing hysterically.. It was funny. Bob snapped a photo. ha ha ha.. So this guy was skinny and he pumped and pumped and pumped us all the way back to the port. He asked us our names so we spilled then I said "What's your name" he said "Manwell the Driver"... More laughing. We ended up feeling so sorry for all his hard work. We handed him another $7.00. Then he kept waving bye to us, must have done it at least 4 times. Now, I would guess you had to be there, but that was some funny stuff. Other than that don't want to go to Cabo ever, ever again..

3rd Stop Mazatlan. I stayed on the ship.. The rest of the crew went on a wild Ass taxi ride. Scared the crap out of them all I have been told. They had fun, Again Americanized but not as bad as the next stop.

4th Stop Puerto Vallarta... well, there is a Hooter's there and outback and i could go on forever. There were really no deals. Putter did visit Walmart and buy some kalua. Never want to go there again either...

So on the way back home we had 2 days at sea... overcast, windy, lots of rocking back and forth on the ship and cold...

Glad to be home. It was great vacationing with my parents, putter's parents and my aunt and uncle. but......

The food sucked, the beds sucked, the pillows sucked, the princess cruise line sucks. Ain't sailing with them ever ever again. All the food was dry. Didn't know you could make desserts so dry. The meat was tasteless. All the bread was hard. You had to crush it up and then cut it and then hopefully if you managed to eat it you didn't wear crumbs all over yourself.

Oh yeah something else that was good.. The margarita's and the lemon Chello's OH BABY!!!! I loved those.
Neither will my parents their partial to Holland America and My Aunt and Uncle are Carnival fans. The only other one Putter and I have been on is NCL and we liked it.

So next trip I am not sure when. I believe we will be doing Disney World. But, of course I got to keep losing the weight ya know.

On a side note: I was super bummed last night. Why i dont' know. But, Shann called and we laughed forever it was awesome. That Girl always seems to know when to get me back on track.
Love ya Shann.


Linda said...

Your bike taxi ride sounds like a kick to me and Manwell the Driver sounds like a real hoot!

There's a Wal-Mart in Puerto Vallarta? No way! Ugh! I don't think I'd like that - what happened to the good old fashioned markets where you could barter with the merchants?

One of these days I'm going to take a cruise - I hope! - but Lord knows when and where to or who with!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i LOVE carnival. LOVE it! costa is not bad either but everything they tell you is done in five languages and you get tired of that crap in a hurry but otherwise they are good. we usually don't get off the ship either. the caribbean ports are all the same and we have been there over and over, i love the cruise, not the ports. and mexico? you can keep it forever!

smiles, bee

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that your trip was a disappointment in some ways. At least you got to spend some quality time with family. You got some great memories and hopefully some good pictures too. I took one of those cab rides in Cancun!

Mo said...

memo to self: stay away from Princess and join Miss Bee on Carnival!

so, I take it = no chocolate melting cake?

that is sad that the ports are so american=commercialized!

Anonymous said...

You mentioned Holland America, they stopped here in Homer Ak on Monday. We even got pictures of it next to our boat harbor, it was gigantic. Do an Ak tour.

Angie in Ak

crazy working mom said...

Looks like great fun to me! Next time I'll hide in your luggage. :)

Sandy & Dick said...

Second opinion...I agree with Miss Bee on Carnival Cruise Line and their sister ships! Food is dry desserts, never! Dick and I also go for the cruising; ports are secondary and we frequently don't even go ashore. Going on the new Eurodam in August...can't wait!!!!!! Can you tell?...SandyB

ncole said...

I'm glad you are home again, sorry the trip wasn't all you had hoped it would be. Have missed you, hope we can chat soon!!!
ncole (bb9)

MamaFlo said...

I was sorry to hear you had a bad cruise, I was looking forward to reading your review. We did the Mexican Riviera in December on Holland America and loved it (same ports of call) and I'd go back on that cruise in a flash. Never been on Princess but I've been on Carnival, Commodore (which is no longer in business), Celebrity, NCL, and Holland America. Our favorites are Holland America and Celebrity. We've been on 9 cruises so far and have another booked for November. It's gotten to the point where 7 nights just isn't long enough and therefore it has to be 10 nights minimum.
Don't give up on cruising just try another line.