Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Eldora Prelude to the Dream

Whoo Hoo Tony Stewart was 1st, Robbie Gordon 2nd in Bloomquists car, Clint Boyer 3rd.... Awesome Race it was
So what can I say we love Late Dirt Model racing around here. So we ordered the Prelude to the Dream to watch on tv. $24.99. It's well worth it. This track is now owned by Tony Stewart and in this event it's and invitation only driver's event for charity... It's a blast to watch.

Currently the track is heavy and wet and got some good rutt's in it. It's hard on the drivers cause yesterday in qualifing they had a nice slick dry track and then the rain showed and it dumped. Thus lots of crashes so far tonight. They go around this track at speeds up to and past 100 miles an hour. This track is a 1/2 mile track and Tony Stewart is pulling 15 second laps. Last Week end Craig was on the 1/4 track pulling 12 second laps and he fly's going around the track... What a thrill this is to watch. I love dirt track racing.