Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Night Fire Pit.

Went over to Mary and Rod's place again tonight. Fire pit time. Had a super time. Had the old booze tonight it was good! Had a great time thanks Mary and Rod!!!!
Oh the best part is Putter left early from work and came to join us... Loved it. Thanks Putter, that was nice to have him there.
Okay I drank a Mike's hard light hard cranberry lemonade, then a vodka martini (gross, gag, taste's like battery acid), then some koolaid tropical island drink with pineapple and coconut.. yummy and then a shot called Man-goo. That was good also. That was my friday night lots of fun with friends, lot's of laugh's and just a overall good time. Dang I am tired now. Good Night


Amazing Gracie said...

Martinis suck big time. Gross is right...
Are those really the stars in the sky or the stars in your eyes???

Mo said...


Sounds like a fun evening!

crazy working mom said...

Whoo hoo. Callie Ann tied one on last night. How do ya feel this morning?! Are ya outta bed yet? *LOL*

I'd be puking my guts up mixing all of that stuff together.