Friday, June 06, 2008

Home Sweet Home #6

Whoo- Hoo it's Friday!!! Finally, I am going to a stamping party tonight. I am happy. Also, instead of doing chores this weekend...(excuse me, when do you ever do chores?) Oh sorry that was the little voice in my head being rude... shutup little voice!!!

Anyway I want to play with Paper, Scissors, Rubber stamps, Pictures... ya know scrapbook. It's cold here. It's not June it's sometime in March. That is how it feels. How will I ever get acclimated for summer if winter/spring is still in the neighborhood.

Anywho... What to say about home tonight. Let's see My daughter mention yesterday about how my mom's house always smelled of Vanilla... Maybe I should make my house smell of Vanilla. I think I should. I want my Grandkids to remember cool things about me. So far Jack likes the car seat in Nana's car better than his, he likes the way I tickle him.. We are kinda Rowdy with each other ya know. It's makes for great fun. hmm. Vanilla it is... How fun!!!!!!

Hey, If any of you have time. Tell me your favorite smells and memories associated with them. Please. Have a Good Friday evening. Talk with ya tomorrow!!!


Mags said...

It's cold here too silly girl-but tomorrow it's supposed to be like, 97 degrees! Weird!

I love the smell of my Nana's house. I don't know exactly what it is, but it's a clean smell. Clean sheet that have been taken out of the dresser remind me of sleeping at her house.

And also, garlic and olive oil cooking along with tomato sauce-we ARE Italian. :)

Anonymous said...

Gardenia is my favorite!!!
Also Dave bought me some lotion that is Jasmine & Vanilla, It smells great, made by Bath & Body works.

Angie in Ak

Brandi said...

Duncan Hines yellow cake mix. That is what my dad would smell like when he came home from work when I was little and he worked on the cake mix line at P & G.
Also Downey (the original April Fresh), because our clothes were always washed with Downey (they still are) and dad worked on the Downey line too. I guess I'm just a Proctor & Gamble girl (brain washed from birth).