Wednesday, June 18, 2008


So I guess I will just spill some thought's out here.

I started working out at the health club again tonight with Mary. I am tired now and that is a good thing.

Jack's Pink eye is gone, now he has an ear infection... I think the tubes they put in are not working.

Work is getting insane right now. Hmm... I seriously need to get off my butt and go a different route. Maybe Insurance coding or Medical transcription or the bookkeeping bag. Still thought's in process.

This presidential race is depressing. Nothing good to pick in my opinion.

I need new shoe's for my car... but what shoes will I pick (I am talking about tires)

My Magazines I order for my house are not showing up. Seems weird that several wouldn't show up. Hmm is the mail person a magazine klepto? I don't know.

Peanut (my dog) went to the doc's and she has an ear infection also. Strange. Antibiotics in her ears for her now.

Putter is at work to much lately. I hate him being gone every night. It Sucks


Anonymous said...

Need a break..come to Auntie P's house. Come and RELAX!!

Mo said...

Ear infections seem to be the in thing around your place - you make sure you take care of yourself, too, now, ya hear!

Linda said...

Your magazines are just not showing up? Now that's odd - it's not like one is missing but several - very odd indeed!

Sandy B & Dick said...

Hang in Miz Scarlette sez, tomorrow will be a better day!

Mary said...

before you know it, we're gonna be the hottest chicks around!!!