Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Just Plain Stupid!!!!

Well, my son called me at 11:30 last night.

Me: Hello

Pinky: Mom, I love You!

Me: I love you too Son

Pinky: Mom I almost died tonight

Me: What happened?

Pinky: We were all floating down the river, I was in my big tube and got sucked under by one of those things?

Me: O My god

Pinky: Mom, I fought for my life, my friends got sucked under also, I rescued them. I was never so scared in my life. There was 6 of us Mom

Me: Is everyone all right?

Pinky: Well, when it was finally over mom, It was like the movie Romancing the stone. Remember when they go over the falls and they end up on opposite sides of the river.

Me: Yes

Pinky: It was like that. Everyone was crying and scared to death. I yelled to them all to stay put and I would come get them

Me: Oh my god,,,,

Pinky: Well, they didn't stay put and I had to call 911 and they sent rescue out so we finally all were safe. Oh and by the way the cops just pulled me over for not having mud flaps. I told them what happened and they said they had heard about it on the scanner. So he didn't give me a ticket.

Me: (all the while I have warned this kid about such things for years, during this conversation I kept asking him, did you guys have life Jackets on)... The Rivers are still high and fast and cold in Oregon... I warn this kid and warn this kid... I am glad they are all safe, But then he told me they had a 3 year old with them. The child is safe.. Back to the life Jackets

Pinky: No Mom, quit asking me about life jackets, No we didn't have life Jackets and Boober was drunk.. Oh yeah and the The 3 year old had a life jacket on...

Me: I am glad your are safe and everyone is alright.

******************** Why does it seem our warnings always fall on deaf ears. Do our kids think we are stupid and just make this crap up?... I have seen time after time this happen.. And to have a 3 year old with them. I seriously think they all must have taken a stupid pill. I am glad they are fine and I am so glad they all had the bejesus scared out of them. ***************

What a bunch of Dumb ASSES....


Star8278 said...

Holy crapola!!!
You should write a book of posts like this and give it to them when they have their first kids. Maybe they can learn..

so glad everyone is ok. That must have been one scary night.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

No honey, they think they are invincible. Remember that feeling? I think most of us experienced that in our youth. I think he'll be a bit more cautious from now on. If it scared him he realizes that the laws of physics apply to him as well. Glad all turned out well honey. Big hug. :)

Mo said...

I'm amazed that any story with the phrase "and Boober was drunk" in it had a good ending!

JustMeShann said...

Remember this kid is genetically related to Jake, Uncle Bud and Uncle Wes (might as well have been)… Yes it is amazing he is still alive; cohorts and all! Unfortunately he was deprived of the good ol day’s campfire stories of survival & stupidity of our American Hero’s that we were lucky enough to learn from…
Did you listen to your mother??? No, we heard the good ol day’s stories that burned into our brains how to and not to do stupid things… So genetically Pinky is deprived, but living life to the fullest and carrying on in survival mode! Hopefully since there are not to many of his kind, that he carries his good ol day stories onto the next generation so that they survive on skills learned by he (pinky), not giving there mothers calls at 11pm telling them of tales of grey hair! Good Golly! I am glad he is yours! I love’m though! He makes me smile! Darn kid...

crazy working mom said...

OMG, why in the hell would they have had a three year old with them?!

You need to put that boy over your knee and spank his butt.

(after you thank God that he's alive!!)

Linda said...

Sometimes I think we are just wasting our breath trying to tell our kids anything as they know it all and we parents are complete and total dolts that have no clue what life is about.

We love them but they drive us nuts, don't they??

Anonymous said...

OMG, Someday he needs to ask me just how 6 of my family died like that. S F Bay encluding 3 children! He is very lucky or blessed Thank God everyone was safe.
Gramdma Marsha

Sandy B & Dick said...

How scary! Hopefully this knocked some smarts into all these kids!!! Hugzzzz to you!

MamaFlo said...

I thought I was reading about what happened with my sister and her family this past weekend......really, I thought you were one of them but alas her story was from Missouri.

Kids don't want to learn from someone elses mistakes, they want to learn first hand.......DUMB KIDS, the best lessons are learned courtesy of someone else!!!