Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Whoo Hoo says the birdy...

There is a Dang Bird outside saying "whoo hoo, whoo hoo, whoo hoo" Kind of reminds me of an owl but then not... hmm Don't know what it is... It's is kind of funny though. Can I see the bird? of course not, I think he is in a tree because he isnt' running out of "Whoo Hoo's"


Mo said...

Probably a mourning dove.
Love the picture - very funny!

Thanks for having Purrchance To Dream in your Entrecard widget today!!!

Star8278 said...

Mo beat me to it. I was going to say it's probably a mourning dove, too.

When we were little, my cousin and I would call back and forth across the dirt road to each other using that sound. It was our secret "come out and play" sound!!!

Linda said...

I had one of those out front last week - it was driving me nuts! Now that a/c is on and the window is shut so I don't hear any birds at all.

Amazing Gracie said...

I guess I have a very high tolerance for bird noise! I love the Mockingbirds that sing all night, and I love our doves that coo to each other. Of course, my parrot drives everyone nuts! He screams and it's very unpleasant but he gets covered at 7:30 - lights out!
Funny thing the other day - I was out in the yard and heard a bird making a loud "Help!" sound. It kept happening but I could tell it was from different areas. Then he swooped into the yard, squawking like the devil was after his tail feathers~ It was a huge crow, or maybe a raven - with a little bitty sparrow chasing the crap outta him!
It was hysterical that such a tiny little bird could bug such a huge critter! Nature - you gotta love it!

Sandy B & Dick said...

My g/dtr and I were just out on the deck eating our cereal and heard something making a loud screeeech, but we couldn't see what it was. Missy kitty laid under the hummingbird feeder to guard it:-) Love watching all the critters.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi sweetie! bb10 on the way, woo hoo!

smiles, bee