Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Been around here and there.

So where have I been the last couple of days?

At the sleep clinic. Monday night was my first night and they said I sleep fitful... They said I barely sleep, I am like always ready to answer the phone they said.... hmm interesting that is how I feel also. Out of the whole night I had 1/2 hour of REM sleep. Also seems I move my legs alot.... like little kicks.. Hmm good thing we have a king size bed. Well, they gave me Ambien the first night which really kicked into gear the next day. So the next day I stayed home from work and slept..

Tuesday night Sleep clinic again this time to put a Cpap on me. I don't have hardly any apnea episodes but I dont' sleep good. So they gave me an Ambien again well, the charts showed I slept a whole lot better. I felt really good when I woke up. Haven't felt that good since I was younger (like 30) and I would blast the stereo in the morning and dance all around while getting ready for work... Then the Ambien hit me again. I came home this morning and missed work again and slept until 1:00PM..

SO now we are here at Wednesday night and I feel exhausted... I am tired.. I don't get a Cpap machine for a few days. But, I am hoping it makes a world of difference for me. I am looking forward to actually feeling rested. I will let you know what happens...

Mean while both of my dogs are asleep in the floor here snoring like wild Indians and running in their sleep... funny dogs.


Linda said...

Apparently the hounds are not in need of any Ambien or a CPap Machine, are they?

Good luck, woman, I hope you can get some good sleep soon! Sleep deprivation is an absolutely horrible thing!

Amazing Gracie said...

Good grief! Pills that make you feel hungover. I know that feeling...
I wish you a nice night's sleep with plenty of refreshing dreams!

Tammy Warren said...

I know the feeling. I am having a awful time sleeping lately. I hope you can get caught up.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i am so sorry you are having problems sleeping honey. i hope it gets worked out quick...

big hugs, bee

Wendy said...

I sure hope you find something that works soon! When my daughter was little she didn't sleep for months, and I can't even tell you how crazed I was during that time. Nothing will mess you up worse than not enough sleep.

My FIL had to have a CPAP - he was so used to crappy sleep that the first night he used it, he slept soundly for 2.5 hours and then woke up thinking it was morning & he had slept for hours. I guess that is some indicator of how much "real" sleep he had been getting!

Best of luck with this --

Mo said...

Here's hoping you get to snore like a wild Indian and run in your sleep soon, honey!

crazy working mom said...

Hubby sleeps with a CPAP and I can tell you from experience, Callie that it does work! It has made a world of difference in both of our sleep. He no longer snores AND he sleeps well!!!

I did have to get a fan for the background noise, 'cause the humming of the machine kinda kept me up at first.

Here's to a good night's sleep for you really soon, my friend!!

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