Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Bookshelf of Fun from Tammy

I have met a new friend in the blogging World her name is Tammy Warren go visit her you really will enjoy her readings and pictures... Thanks for tagging me Tammy!!!!!

Now if any of you want this wonderful bookshelf. that Tammy made with several wonderful blogger awards on it, feel free to take it.. Just leave me a comment so I can come visit ya!!! Happy tagging friend


crazy working mom said...

Callie, is that photo of you in your sidebar new? It's really beautiful. :)

Tammy Warren said...

Ahhhh...looks good over here. I think we are all tagged out these days. You would not believe the heat I took from some others (not on the list) that I did not immediately return the tagging favor. Everyone is just so busy and everywhere you looked there was a tag. I just let them build up...and so the bookshelf was created.

Thank you for sharing. Are you rested? haahah

Mo said...

That is a cool way to display your blogging awards!
Congrats on so many! You sure deserve 'em!