Friday, August 01, 2008

Damn Good SEX, It's HOT

So I have some Rambling Shhh!! It's about Sex...Don't tell anyone.. LOL

Don't ya just love good Sex? I am 45 now and I swear sex has never ever been better. I know what I want, I get what I want. Wow, In my younger years when I was married to the X. Ya it was OK.... But, now OMG... It Makes my damn day. I tell ya. It's the best feeling. I get Happy, I listen to music. The Joy's of Having a younger man? Maybe... The Joy's of the Man just giving a rip???... That is probably it.

No I am not gloating. I just know there are alot of us Sexual Women out there. I want to know what you really think about this. So hey Girls, I know your out there. How do you feel about this? Shann I already know your a maniac about SEX... of Which I am so happy for you.

I could go into much more detail but that is for another time. I am just super Happy today. Have a good day!!!!!

Oh yeah Putter is switching to day shift next week. What???? I know I get to cook again. I get to have a husband at home, when I am home... What the heck????


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

You must have gotten lucky last night girlfriend. Good for you, or are you just happy it's Friday? Or that Putter is going to work day shift? Just saying. Bwahahahahah. Have a great weekend. Big hug. :)

Linda said...

Girl, it has been almost six very long and lonely years since I've had sex of any sort - good, bad, or indifferent but I'm sure that if I could ever find someone crazy enough to go to bed with me then it would be one hell of a good time! Granted, he would have to have the lasting power of the Energizer Bunny as I'd have some lost time to make up for!

What I really miss though is someone to kiss and hold onto; someone's hand to hold; someone to tell me he loves me. Sometimes being a single, independent woman sucks - big time!

Darla said...

Sex can't be burns calories, relieves tension and just feels sooooo good! Sounds like you had a good night too girlfriend! Younger, older it really doesn't matter as long as they have the skills, aren't diseased, and aren't lacking when it comes to the equipment! Love the strawberry dipped in chocolate...I was dipping some things in chocolate just this week. lol

Mo said...

Damn, girlfriend.
I need a cigarette after that post!

Mags said...

Um...yeah. I agree with you, only I'm not 45. ;) Or married. But sex? It rocks.

crazy working mom said...

It's too hot and I'm too miserable for that stuff! *LOL*

MamaFlo said...

Sex is definitely better the older we get, I've found an all new (and better) appreciation for the sex itself.......I used to like the foreplay and I may again sometime down the road but right now I love the actually fucking, here there and everywhere!!!!
OMG, I hope it's okay to be crude here.......but I'm feeling crude and now I'm wanting to jump my old man and get it on - see ya girls :)

Claire said...

I am not sharing a room with you in Spetember you horny fiend! Linda may appreciate it though?

Bwahahahahahahahaha :)

Star8278 said...

With my ex it was like I had to do it, even though I was never FORCED to. It just wasn't about me and I never enjoyed it.


It's one word... PERFECT.