Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rick Warren's Saddleback Civil Forum & other stuff.

Okay now it is Saturday... Let's watch the news together... yeah I am not a good writer.. I zig-zag all over. Sorry but I am working on it.

I am watching the Rick Warren's Saddleback Civil Forum he did last weekend with Obama and McCain. If you get a chance check it out, it really was a good show.

Obama up first..

What was your worst Moral Failure? He replied,when he realized as a young man that life wasn't about him. America's Moral failure? We don't abide by that basic quote from Matthew. "what ever you do for the least of my brothers you do for me."

Rick to Obama. Does Evil exist and if so should we Ignore it, Negotiate it, Contain it, or Defeat it? Obama replied, Yes it exists. he believes it should be confronted and then a bunch of mulling around about the subject.

Obam's reply when asked about Abortion. When does a baby get their human rights? He skirted around this question saying the answer is above his pay grade.... he is pro choice.

Question from Rick to Obama... Please define Rich? he said to Rick if you have Book sales of $25 million that would be rich Obama says $150,000 annual income you will get a tax deduct... You are considered Middle class depending on where you live.. Like California. $250,000 annual income you will receive a modest tax increase, with that income you are in the top 3 or 4 percent of Americans.. your on easy street he said. He wants the tax code to be simple. No loop holes

I know peeps that would debate that.

In the middle of that nobody said nothing... hmm I think I am really poor.... I think those of us under $75,000 annual should get a pay check ha ha ha ha oh no that is called Welfare.... well I pay into it.. I'll take it..

Man Rick Warren is Tall, he is taller than Obama... wow

McCain was asked by Rick. What was your worst Moral Failure? McCain said it was the failure of his first Marriage. Rick then Asked what was America's Worst Moral Failure? McCain said was when 911 happened, instead of telling people to go shopping and take trips they should have been told to join the peace core. Do what you can to help people... "Serve a Cause better than our own self interest". I thought that was cool, that is also what it says in Rick Warren's Book... Nice...

Rick asked McCain, Does Evil exist, and if so should we Ignore it, Negotiate it, Contain it, or Defeat it. McCain says "DEFEAT EVIL". Right on...I say. He said " if he has to follow Bin laden to the gates of hell, he will!" He also talked about how Alkida strapped those two Mentally Challenged Girls in Baghdad with bombs and sent them in to kill people... McCain said If that doesn't Define Evil, then nothing does....

McCain asked about Abortion. When does a baby get their human rights? McCain replied, The point of conception. He is Pro-Life. I say Amen to that!!!!

Addressed to McCain, Define Rich? A number shouldn't define Rich..Rich is a home, good job, education, being happy. He doesn't want to take money from the rich... he wants everyone rich... he said some in America would define a small business owner who works a 16 hour day would classify as rich.. he said that is not right. If he had to put a number on Rich, he would say 5 million is income for rich. He said the Point is seriously... keep taxes low, increase revenues.. spending is out of control..we have mortgaged our kids future... This is just a yada yada of what went on..

McCain said ....We wasted 3 million Dollars to study the DNA of bears.. he didn't know if that was a paternity issue or a crime... Bwahahahaha now that was a good one...

Of course I couldn't write down everything they said.. so watch the show if you care and make your own decision of what you thought of the interviews.

Well, friends and family I have really been reading a lot on this subject of who is running for President... I am voting for McCain/Palin Ticket. He is more along my own beliefs. Granted somethings I don't like about either Candidate. That is my choice! If your going with Obama have a good time.

Just heard in St. Louis some peeps ran into some white powder turned blue and can't breath so two hospitals in St. Louis are shut down... Crap... awaiting word on the rest of this story....

The mother of that little girl missing in Florida is in the slammer again... civil crimes... forgery etc.

On to Big Brother news... Memphis got the POV... he is thinking of pulling Dan off, then old Jerry will put Renny up... Memphis tells Dan if I pull you off then you must vote Renny out... oh Crap... Old Man Jerry doesn't like this story line.. OH yeah Jerry says he needs a Chiropractor.. neck and back pain...

That Hurricane heading into the Gulf looks terrible... CAT 4 I heard they have left the Oil Rigs out in the Sea.. I pray people don't die like last time.. That was simply horrible what happened before... damn.. New Orleans. They are ordering everyone out by Noon tomorrow..

I can't decide what to make myself for dinner... dang...

Anyone ever used that Rosetta Stone to learn a new language?

Well, enough of this.. I am going to go do something else. Have a nice night.


Angie said...

Obama did a really bad job during that Q/A. I think he tries too hard to come up with exact wording but it sounds like aaaaahhh, aaaaaah, aaaaahhhhh (stumbling, thinking, pause).

I remember after that show there were people saying that McCain new the questions ahead of time by way of blackberry. I don't think it's true. I just think it's funny that that was going to be the excuse for McCains short and to the point answers. Maybe Barack should have studied a bit more.

I haven't heard about the powder. I'll be checking on that in a minute.

I totally belive that mother did something to that precious little girl. It's so very sad!

My sister lives in Mississippi. She said that FEMA is already there. Thank god for that! Hopefully it wont be such a disaster like last time (FEMA).

I'm totally addicted to Big Brother (watching it right now on showtime). I wil be very sad to see Renny leave and so will Keesha. Hope Dan wins.

Enjoy your Sunday.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

callie i LOVE this post! reminds me of me, your thoughts and how you feel about things. great job!

i too will vote for mccain. he was not my choice but i am warming up to him but i love sarah palin! wow, knockout there! what a strong woman.

have a lovely day honey!

smiles, bee

Sarge Charlie said...

Anyone on the tipping point would vote for McCain after Saddleback, he hit a grand slam.

The Florida lady: I expect she got high on drugs and left the kid in a car to die, got scared and carried the body around in the trunk for a day or so. The way she lies about everything tells me she is an addict, that is what they do.

Linda said...

Good golly, Miss Callie, you were all over the place with this post from politics to weather to Big Brother! Love how you think and then write it all down so don't even worry about your writing style! You write like you and that's a good thing!

JustMeShann said...

Great post Callie! I love when you speak your mind. Start packing girl; it is almost vacation week for you! I miss ya, Shann

Mo said...

You go girlfriend!
I love it when you get down on it and let 'er rip!

Jolene said...

lmao, what a funny post! I agree with you, you're making a good choice...sneak an extra vote in there for your Canadian friend LOL.

We have Rosetta stone, haven't used it enough though, keep meaning to, yet another one of those things that I don't get around to LOL.

Tammy Warren said... here. I am alive. I have just had out of town company over this past weekend. I have missed my bloggy friends. I will back tomorrow reading and catching up on what I have missed.

Anonymous said...

I think Rick Warren's Saddleback Civil Forum was an excellent presentation I am glad to see someone else was paying attention too. I am usually out there I don't quite know how I was home watching. Way too go! Like your site.