Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Rollin, Rollin, Rollin, keep this Blog a Rollin, Ride on!

Rollin Rambles:

Why is this computer so slow sometimes... Firefox works so much better for me.

I stay up so late, I should go to bed, why don't I?

Thursday is garbage day, why don't I put it out on Wednesday night?

Why are some people so damn mean?

Life feels like a big game sometimes, I hate that part of it.

On Big Brother they need to Vote Michelle out!

I really don't like my work this week.

Vacation isn't coming fast enough for me.... and then I think OH Shit, I better get ready.

I got tagged by tammy, Look out peeps you may be tagged sooner than later... Bwahahahahaahaha

My dogs need a bath.

Why do some people have the coolest blogs?


Tammy Warren said...

I am still up. Heading to bed. I havd been out on the blog-0-sphere promoting 45 year old boobs. They will be arriving shortly.


Tammy Warren said...

oops. HAVE been. Late night correction. gives you another comment.

Amazing Gracie said...

Are you still not able to sleep? That totally stinks. I've been sleeping enough for both of us...
If you find out why some people are mean, please let me know!

Star8278 said...

Oh noes!
Hope you got off to dreamland...


Ivanhoe said...

I stay up too late now that I'm in school. I get home at 10 pm, go to bed right before 11 pm and cannot fall asleep. Then the alarm sounds at 7 am and it's so hard to get out of the warm bed and get ready for work...
BTW: Our garbage day is on Friday and I have problems taking it out the night before ;o)

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

All good questions, and I wish I had the answers. I don't though. Have a great day and Labor Day weekend. Big hug. :)

Mo said...

Hope you were able to strap on the mask and get some good slumber.
And YES Michelle NEEDS TO GO!!!

PS: your blog is cool

Mary Miles said...

you are such a freak girly. i guess thats why i love ya so much!!