Sunday, August 10, 2008

Super Sized to Shrinky Products

They Super sized us to near death for the last ten years or so and now they are shrinking the original size of things... hmm. Did you realize that years ago you would buy a half gallon of ice cream. Well, then in 2003 in went down to 1.75 quarts.... now in 2008 we have shrunk to 1.5 quarts. Yep it's happening.

They are shrinking the candy bars also. A normal sized Candy bar since the beginning of time is no longer... A normal snickers bar is now smaller. You can grab hold of one and feel the difference...I don't know the exact ounces.

It's all fine with me. But if they are going to give us less then why is the price even higher than before. Hmm that is the part I don't like. Now when you have that birthday party and need ice cream you may end up buying 3 containers of ice cream instead of 2 to feed everyone.

And one good thing about the new square milk container is you don't catch peeps drinking out
of them so much. Yeah for that. I hate that when I come around the corner and someone has wrapped their mouth around my milk jug. Not so easy no more...hee hee. It is cumbersome to hold that is certain.

The point of this post being. Next time you go to the store notice these items, see for yourself. I had heard about this about a week ago. When I went to the store because I was now aware, I was amazed it was true... The incredible Shrinking Ice Cream Story was true!


Jolene said...

We've been noticing the smaller size of things for quite some time now. How crooked and deceiving of the makers of the products to just now start admitting that they're doing it, shame on them.

We don't have those new milk jugs up here yet, but I'm sure we will at some point. Not sure what I think of them, they look a little difficult to handle, the kids can barely handle the ones we have already lol.

MamaFlo said...

I've been noticing the size reductions also and the changes in packaging for some products - I guess they think if they change the look then we won't notice we're paying more for less.
I guess it had to happen sometime, we are a society of gluttony and the increase in costs will hopefully get us all to cut back and trim down.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

yeah and i think a pound of coffee is now 13 ounces too. wonder why it doesn't work that way on my scale???

smiles, bee

ps: i just LOVE looking at jack smiling on your sidebar!

Carly said...

I know exactly what you are talking about!!! I work in the pricing department in a supermarket and I have been making all the new shelf tags to reflect the shrinkage.... it's awful already!!! Every week more size changes....

Linda said...

One of our local news stations did a story on this very thing a week or so ago but I only saw the trailer and missed the actual story. It's appalling what a box of ice cream goes for these days as small as they've become.

Haven't seen those new square milk jugs out here on the East Coast yet - very nice looking!

Mo said...

We don't have the square milk jugs in Michigan either.
But I had to laugh at they way you wrote about having someone wrapped their mouth around your milk jug.

We have a local brand here that is still a full half gallon of ice cream, but you're right, the national brands are all shrinking!

Anonymous said...

I hate all the packages that say they are "GREEN" or "ENVIROMENTALLY FREINDLY" when it is just a big bs marketing scam. I buy sun chips because they are good not because they are going to save the planet!

Angie in Ak

Jamie said...

I seen a report a few weeks ago that those curly light bulbs cause kidney cancer and problems. Nice.

I'm all for the government tring to clean up the world, but they need to make safer products for the people of the world, too.

crazy working mom said...

I HAVE noticed the portion sizes changing everywhere but I haven't seen the square milk jugs.