Tuesday, September 09, 2008

My Toes are Ready!!!

Went and got a Pedi today.. Yep those are little fat sausages!!!!! It was fun.... Went to Carino's for lunch... Had Sangria that was like fruit punch, good thing I didn't have a straw.

So I am slowly packing for this upcoming trip. I am excited. I leave my house on Friday morning at 2:45 am Gads, Catch the shuttle to Portland Airport, get on the plane at 7:00 am. Got a direct flight to Boston.... Wow!!!!! Then from there I go to Mag's place.. and vacation starts...........

Other silly things.. My daughters friend Sarah hasn't been to my blog in a while. I was told she visited it the other day. She was telling my daughter this... "What is wrong with your mom, why is she showing pictures of her boob's... she is a grandmother"... I am thinking to myself what the hell is wrong with this kid. Yeah I am a grandmother, but I am not dead!! Am I only suppose to blog about my grandchildren. I think not. I love my life now and I like to share with all my friends. So if I feel like to blog about SEX, I will, If I want to blog about body parts I will..... I am 45 now and I really feel like life is just starting again. Maybe I am having a midlife crisis. who knows, who cares as long as I am happy that is what I want.

I will be going on this vacation to meet some bloggers/friends that I have known for about 2 years. My son thinks I am crazy, going to a place with people I don't know. He says I am going off to join a cult. What the Hell? From the son that drives crotch rockets all over the place, calling me in the night to tell me he almost died in the river. I am not afraid of meeting people. If it all blows up for some asinine reason, I will fly home. No problem. I am planning on having a wonderful time and making tons of memories... Off to pack some more...


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Your toes are hot girlfriend. I go every two weeks for nails and a pedicure. I love it.

You just have fun honey. I sure would love to meet you and you really aren't all that far away from me. You just never know. I may surprise you one of these days.

I think you rock, so tell all those folks that think you should be knitting stuff for the grand babies while you are rocking in your rocking chair to KNOCK IT OFF. I'm 57 and I'm with you!

Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Amazing Gracie said...

A CULT!!!!! Ha, ha, ha! Oh my...just wait until you tell your other cult members what he said! That's the funniest thing I've heard yet! Hey, who's the Jim Jones in the group?
Hey, I was a grandmother at 37!!! I'll be danged if I'm gonna buy a rocker - I'm not dead yet! I went to a ZZ-Top concert not long ago!!!
You guys are gonna have such a good time. Think of me...whining that I'm NOT there.

moxylyn said...

I will be 40 next month and I hear you completely!! Where did you post your boobs? I will have to look again LOL

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

cute tosies honey!!! have fun on your trip. sorry not to be there.

smiles, bee

Ivanhoe said...

Of course you are going to have fun with the girls and MoMo. I don't think Claire is a real person though, so you have to give us an insight on that(lol) I wish I could be there.
And yes, I got a kick out of your boob pic :o) It's your blog, don't let anybody change it.
Have a great time!

Tammy Warren said...

Hey...love the toes. I need some help down there. Actually from the neck down.

I have been sleeping lately. You? I hope so.

I know the trip is going to be great for you. Take pictures and share.

Anonymous said...

Firstly ~ Your toes are pretty! :) Secondly... have a great time!

I found you through one of your ads today, and glad I did!

Have fun!

Mo said...

So, am I the Jim Jones???
Memo to self: buy Kool-Aid.

Mags said...

You're hot. No question about THAT. Besides, you're a newly wed NOT just a Nana!!!!

Talk about SEX all you want deary.

Jolene said...

Woohoo! You go girl! lmao

Sounds like a blast to me! I hope you have a great time! Sometimes meeting those you know the least turns out to be the best time ever!

Hey, at least they were covered, right!? It was just a little cleavage, I show that on a daily basis, you gotta show what you do have when you don't have much...no matter how old you are...hehe.

Tammy Warren said...

I finally got my award posted. I was so far behind...I love my bloggie friends. My life just went a little crazy.

JustMeShann said...

First of all I LOVE your sandals! Where did you find them? Second, you have beautiful little piggies! My little pigs are all bent up from being a crazy barefoot kid... yours are very pretty! I am glad you are feeling young! feel young for me too! and have a great trip my friend, you so deserve it! have a lemon drop for me, coffee in the morning breeze and wiggle your pigs in the sand for me too!
Love ya Cal, Shann

Tammy Warren said...

Hey...you have a great trip. I just got your comment. I love you too. Be so careful.

I am still up making a final post. I have 2 more minutes and I am off to bed.

Star8278 said...

The heck with them both. Yor are who you are and we love who you are. I am sooo jealous over this blogger vacation. Everyone deserves a great time and I can't wait to see the pictures and posts afterwards.

Have a great trip, give Mo and Mags hugs for me please!!!

FRIGGA said...

Woah - you posted a picture of your boobs? How'd I miss that? haha - It was only a few years ago that I finally realized my Mom is a person who had her own life before I came along. It's hard to transition the thought from how we see our mother as a child to the reality of a mother also being a human being.

Your 8 ball still doesn't want to answer my questions, today it's telling me "Reply Hazy, try again" So I tried again and it tells me "Cannot predict now."

crazy working mom said...

OMG, Mo's comment cracked me up...totally!!!

Your toes look beautiful. I need to get mine done now. :)

Kai said...

Love the toes Callie!

Well, duh! Now I finally get Mo's email about the Kool-Aid :-)