Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Tongue Action!!!

Well, Jack Pepper, his sister Shana, and sister Brighton and Dad (Mike) and Mom (picture taker) all made Halloween decorations. Notice Jack's got the tongue action just like his mom Jessica and his Granddad Kevin... HA! Just cracks me up...Tomorrow is Jack's Surgery to get his Adenoids Removed...Good Thought's please for a wonderful surgery and recovery... Thanks Have a good Day!


Anonymous said...

Hubby still sticks his tongue out when he's concentrating really hard.

Hope the surgery goes well. hug the cute little guy for me and give him some ice cream...

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh what a fun post!!! i looked at it and looked at it! thanks for sharing callie!

sending good wishes and prayers to jack jack... he'll be fine honey. bless his little heart.

hugs, bee

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well honey, you can't work right if you don't have that tongue action going. Just saying.

Good thoughts and vibes coming Jack Jack's way for is surgery and recovery. He'll be back raising heck in no time.

What a great bunch of good looking grand babies you have.

Have a great day honey. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Mo said...

What great fun, and great pics!
Sending out love and prayers for Jack Pepper's surgery & for a quick recovery!


FRIGGA said...

Very cute all concentrating!! Great decorations too :)

Linda said...

Like Bee said, this was a fun post and those grandkids of yours couldn't be more adorable if they tried!!

Best wishes to Jack Jack for tomorrow's operation and I sure hope this finally solves the little guy's problems. Getting my tonsils and adenoids out made all the difference in the world for me but I was 22 before they finally did it! UGH!!!

Amazing Gracie said...

Yep, Jack Jack has some big time concentration going on! Such adorable children, Callie!

I hope this takes care of his problems, too. Will pray for his quick recovery!


Ivanhoe said...

Good luck with Jack's surgery tomorrow . I'm sending the good vibes :o)
BTW: Mark still does it with his tongue when he concentrates. And he is over 30...ahem...ahem (lol)

crazy working mom said...

Looks like they had lots of fun! :) Very cool.

Keep us posted on your little man. I know he'll be fine. I'm waiting to hear how well he did.

Brandi said...

Such cute little spooks!
Thanks for sharing the fun!