Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Murphy's Hell

Why is it when it's time for a Holiday the whole friggen world needs everything done now? Can't be in a hurry on another day. On a day when you can actually get it done. No, it's got to be on a day that needs a hundred thousand things and they all were do yesterday... Geesh. I hope to get the hell out soon... AWWWWWWW


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I so remember this. I so remember. Take a deep breath and then say a bunch of bad words. That always helps.

Have a great Thanksgiving sweetie. Big hug and lotsa lovies. :)

Mo said...

The clutter fairy flew by my ass today too.
I think I sat on her.

Amazing Gracie said...

The Clutter Fairy moved with us and she hasn't cleaned up all the crap yet... I think she's in my DNA. Can't get rid of her!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and your brood!

Linda said...

Apparently the Clutter Fairy has lots of little helpers because I've got the same problems here!

Hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving, my friend!

crazy working mom said...

Hey, send that clutter fairy over my way when you're done with her. I hope she gets a REALLY big wand before she comes over here, though!

Tammy Warren said...

I know. I have lost touch with my bloggie frieds because of all the clutter and rush rush rush get it done now.

I decided to take time to go around to each of my friends and say HI. "HI" and wish you a Happy Holiday Season.

It seems like you are still up and running strong. I just finished posting a year end recap. Lately, I have only been on the computer once or twice a week. I think when the new year begins I will have more time to get back around to those I love.