Saturday, November 22, 2008

A Nutty Ramble~ Mo I can use two T's in Nutty. HA!

So Many Things To Do... So Little Days Left.....

Hmm, today I was sick again and stayed home.. That's 3 days home sick.. What the heck..This cold is kickin' my arse..... it's bloody pissin me off.

I need to go shopping for Turkey Day Fattening Foods to make and send home with guests. But, that could be a Poker Shoot . I have been known to not do it until the day before... EKKKKKK Waiting until then? The sins of it all...My gosh that turkey sandwich is in need of cream cheese and cranberry sauce and a huge glass of Super Duper Ice Cold Milk. Gads..

Cause seriously who craves a turkey sandwich on the evening of Turkey Day, cause ya ate like at 1:00pm What's that all about? .... Starvation that's it... more white bread is sold on Thanksgiving that any other day of the year... HA! how do you know that isn't true.. Could be ya know..

Food, Fun, and let's go see a Movie. Yes, I am hoping to go see a movie after turkey time. What, I am not sure yet. I will see Twilight, but I will probably drag my mom with me. Cause I just don't see the Putt Man getting a thrill from that. I have heard different reviews on the movie. I am looking forward to it.

Oh Shit another Thought: Who wants to live forever?

My Answer Warning: Could be weird ahead.

Not me I would probably live to 104 and then die of Cancer or fall down the damned steps and contort my body like on the movie "Witches of Eastwick" Holy Crap . Can you imagine doing the same damn thing for years from now on or until forever... Now if you could just have fun all the time. Have sex when ever and where ever you felt like and granted you would still have to be physically functional to have sex and if that doesn't work out well,the foreplay is awesome. But somehow seeing my self at 104 and having sex...sounds like EWWWWWWWW

Well, that would be a good life. I want lots of spiked Kool-aid to drink then.. If I would have to be that old. I would wanna have fun all the time. I don't wanna get stuck in some old home. I wanna do what the dog did, go find a quiet corner and get over it.

Yes, It's a Ramble and the ones of you that can figure out just what the hell I am saying then you feel and understand what I am saying, well your just a damned NUT also then. Bwahahahahah. Geesh.. it' s complicated..

Just like if some crazy ass bomb came flying over here to America and hit by my house. I hope it lands right on my fat ass and I die instantly.. I am a coward. I don't want no part of hanging around seeing what the hell happened and then my damned body falls off, due to some chemical that was embedded in the damned thing...

No, I don't wanna die if there is an earth quake.. that would be insane. As long as I am not the one driving on the bridge and flying off into the water. Then I would wanna die of a Heart Attack on the way down.

Dieing doesn't scare me. I just wanna control it... Yeah right like that would ever happen.. HA!

Dieing from a Leech wouldn't want that either...

You will be sucked dry by a leech. I'd stay away from swimming holes, and stick to good old cement. Even if it does hurt like hell when your toe scrapes the bottom.

I know this is a warped post. But, hell I Needed something to occupy myself while I wait for Pinky to call and I pick him up from the Bar.. hmm about 1 1/2 left... to go.. 23 years ancient and I am still chauffeuring him.. what fun.. Good Gosh this whole damned post is "A True Story" now go run like hell... Hee hee Hee jejejejejeje..... that was for my MO!!!!!


JustMeShann said...

As you would imagine I enjoyed that! Yes I am as warped as you in thought and humor! I hope you are asleep at 2:50 am in the morning as I am awake and now thinking about you and hoping you are feeling better... I agree with you; I would love to control my end or last chapter! Love ya Girl, Shann

crazy working mom said...

Callie, this is why we love you. :)

mspennylane said...

haha well we all have these crazy thoughts sometimes! I have a good one for you. I am always paranoid that I might die by a coconut falling on my head. Not that they grow here, but when I'm on holiday. That would be really unlucky, and it sounds too funny!

Linda said...

Now you've gone and got me craving a nice turkey sammich but with just a bit of mayo - thank you very much!

Honestly, I wouldn't want to live forever either - unless it was with a man that I loved more than my own life itself but considering that obviously ain't happening then I will be ready for my big dirt nap whenever it rolls around!

And as tired as I'm feeling right now, I dont' think I'd mind all that much if it started tomorrow ... I feel like I could sleep forever.

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

What Tisha said. No, you are just being you. Nothing wrong with that. If anyone questions you just say, "I've been sick". Bwahahahahaha. Love you honey. :)