Friday, November 14, 2008

Wow, that is interesting

Man Dude, I have waited 364 days to smoke this shit
Talk about Jonesin'

I think it is pretty cool, when I learn something new... Here is my new knowledge for this friday evening... Did ya know?

Day of the Skulls

A skull sits among candles and flowers during Day of the Skulls celebrations in a cemetery in La Paz, Bolivia on Saturday, Nov. 8, 2008. Aymara Indians revere the skulls of their relatives and believe they protect them from evil and help them attain their goals. Relatives decorate the skulls with flowers, hats, and lite cigarettes. Then they carry them to church or cemeteries to be blessed. (AP Photo/Dado Galdieri)


Sarge Charlie said...

holy crap, is this real

Linda said...

I've heard of this actually.

This picture would have been perfect for a "Caption the Photo" post!

JustMeShann said...

Time for a new post now... This is how I felt with now sleep minus the joint of course! Yuk! Amazingly good teeth though! The things you come up with! Gads

Cricket said...

Ughhh....I look that this right now.