Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to Work

It was a nice little oh so weird vacation of sorts... I worked here and there last week. Mostly stayed home a little shopping, a little complaining, a little wishing, a lot of cold weather, snowing, raining... Puppy training,.... Christmas presents. So another year has gone by and sooner than later we will be saying "Is it Christmas already"... Crazy but true.

So I am at Work, Putter is off for the week, he is at his shop working today.. personal junket stuff... Ya'll have a nice Monday now Ya hear!!!!!


Sandee said...

I so remember the back to work routine after the holidays. I also remember working a whole bunch of holidays for years and years. I feel for you.

You are right, we will be saying, "It's Christmas already" in pretty short order.

Have a terrific day/week honey. Biggest hug ever. :)

Anonymous said...

It's great now that I'm back at the trella... just waiting for hubby to come home!



Ivanhoe said...

Going back to work after a break sucks. I did not want to go. I'm sooo lazy today :o)

Linda said...

At least being at work all the time keeps me from having to stress out about the whole "back to work" stuff!

LAC said...

Yesterday was the worst. I actually did eight hours of nothingness. At least it felt like that. I just can't get into the swing of things this week, esp. knowing we have one more day off coming up!!

Anonymous said...

I'm back to work, but at least it's another short week! Only 3 days! And I'm blogging. It's all good!

I loved your Christmas video!