Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Me Meme, They call it.

Wicked looking little picture isn't it?

I have seen this Meme floating around the Blog community and Linda Loo, Linda the Dispatcher over at "Are We There Yet?" She did this Meme. So I am gonna do it also. Nope she didn't tag anyone. I just decided to do it also...
  1. Five names you go by: Callie, Brat, Sista, Silly Willy, MOM
  2. Three things you are wearing right now: Jeans, Bra, Underware.. Woo Hoo
  3. Two things you want very badly at the moment: My Husband Home and The sun to shine.
  4. Three people who will probably fill this out or maybe will or maybe won’t: Shannon, Brandi, and who knows
  5. Two things you did last night: Had dinner at Mom's and Watched Re-runs of True Blood
  6. Two things you ate today:Orange Juice, Mcgriddle
  7. Two people you last talked to on the phone: Jessica and my Mom
  8. Two things you are going to do tomorrow: Stay home and finish Christmas Cards
  9. Two longest car rides: Baja California from Oregon to Cabo to Oregon. Oregon to Moab Utah
  10. Two of your favorite beverages:Oh Crap, Diet Pepsi and Ice Water.
So that is all Folks.. Do it if ya wanna.. Shannon and Brandi give it a whirl..


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Someone finally got you to do this one. It was pretty fun. I hope hubby comes home soon and I so hope you can see the sunshine soon. I doubt it though since we have rain coming.

Have a great weekend. Big hug. :)

Anonymous said...

McGriddles - love those savory-sweet little wonders!

Linda said...

Ah, Diet Pepsi! If I had named three favorites, that would have made the list. I like it but I don't have it very often (come to think of it, I never buy soda unless I'm eating out somewhere!).

I bet you're going to be wishing for the sun to shine for a long time if what I heard on the weather tonight is true - sounds like you guys are in for it while our temperatures are actually going to go up a tiny bit. Hooray!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

I have an award for you. It's the Blog L♥ve award. Participation is not mandatory however. :)