Monday, January 05, 2009

Just Spewing Some

Oh What A Monday!

Got up late
Had to take the Dogs for their Beauty Date
Went to work, I was not amused
For Little Hitler was there to impress
I was not thrilled with his rant,
it drove me nuts, to be exact.

It's Monday good gosh, go away Little Hitler
I have many things to do. I don't want to hear you.
My brain was now scattered, he turns my brain into Mush
Insisting he has told me things when he has not

He is more like a grinch at time's, telling me lies
He is a little Vial Man, totally reminding me of one from my past.

What to do with this crap, it's not easy
I know I should quit, but I can't
Out of some strange loyalty that is totally ridiculous.
Is Money worth this Junk, why unfortunately yes

But, what will happen to my brain
Just keep blogging the stress away
I am unsure of this nut job
but hell as someone says to me a lot
Life Goes On........ and on... and on...

Good way to end a crappy day..

But, I am home now and happy.
I got a life away from work....
The stress is lifted until Tuesday
but alas tomorrow he is gone..
Oh happy Tuesday...
I will work until 10:30 and
then off to shopping with my MOM..
I can handle that.....
I will be good and not buy anything.
It's just the time with Mom that will
Make my day...

Have a happy Tuesday!!!


Michele said...

Aww... hope things get better!
Hang in there!!!

Linda said...

Sounds like you had quite the typical Monday! Best wishes for a better Tuesday!

Ivanhoe said...

Look at you little rapper :o)
It's Tuesday!

Anonymous said...

Little Hitler...LMAO!