Sunday, January 11, 2009

Sundays times

Let's see what is up. I am taking my parents to the Airport in Eugene this afternoon. They are going to visit friends in Arizona and then to visit friends in Palm Springs. I will be taking care of their dog Jet. Another Schnauzer. Mom and Dad will be gone for one week. They need a vacation.

Other than that not much going on here. Thus, the lack of posts and the fact that I am in a Depression from Hell. Haven't a clue what it is about. But, guess I really don't want to talk about it.. I just hope it straightens itself up..

So happy Sunday to everyone!!!


Anonymous said...

I hope the depression passes... it's not fun

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

sorry honey. i understand and hope it passes soon... hugs.

smiles, bee

Mo said...

I'm back. So, snap the hell out of it.
That's what you would tell ME!

Star8278 said...

You don't have to talk about it, just know you are not alone. It's that time of year when alot of folks, myself included get a bit down. Holidays over, dark winter upon us, its just one of those things. Have faith, stay positive and do something nice for yourself. Never underestimate the power of retail therapy. ;-)