Friday, February 27, 2009

Just a thought about Old Time Money. ")

Ya know, back in the day I use to worry that I didn't work for a company that had a pension fund and then they developed the 401 K Miracle. Well, Lately I don't feel bad at all, cause if I would have been lucky enough to have my stuff in the Market.. I am pretty sure I wouldn't have any fund now..Putter's 401K is now a 3/4 K.. Ugh.... So the point is unless I find a Golden Goose under something. I will pretty much be an old geezer working till I am dead... I am so happy my money was under that can in the back yard and not in the stock market... hee hee hee.... Have a nice Friday


Sarge Charlie said...

3/4 k, that is sad but if you are young enough it will recover, someone will stop this idiot we have for a president soon I hope.

Last summer I had a bad feeling and took 60% to cash, now I wish I had gone to a 100%.

Mo said...

I am thankful that I cashed out my 401k and took the penalty when I did. Even with the penalty, I still made more than if I'd kept it.
Yet, now I don't even have a backyard to bury a can in! Har!

Linda said...

I don't even want to look at my supposed pension account as it's just way too depressing. I'll be right there with you working until I'm old and gray just to keep myself in cat food.

Sandy B and Dick said...

Very depressing for the greatest country to be in this shape.