Wednesday, February 04, 2009

What's up.... well this

Hi Ya,

Life has been busy lately. I am down to working Half days because of the economy, which makes no sense to my pocket book, but it does to my work..... So I have made cuts, back to cleaning my own house. Damn, imagine that, the horrors of it all. Other than that I have been spending way, way, way to much time on Facebook. Recently I have gotten in touch with my long lost Buddy Missy!. Yeah we are chatting sometimes during the day. She has been following my blog, she told me. So basically she knows all about my crazy life and I know little about hers..... Don't ya think she should Blog!!! Also she knows lots of Peeps from our growing up days. Recently I just be friend my old friend Robin. She use to live in Fresh Pond it was up the road from Pollock Pines. Then there is an old Chum named Kelly or ie... I can't remember.. well hell we are talking almost 28 years or so ago. Anyway she is a singer her link is on the Right of my blog down there. Check her out. She's got a good voice. So if your looking for me, get your self on Facebook.. I play a game that is a lot like Scrabble. It's fun to lose... Seriously I hardly ever win.


Lois Grebowski said...

your friend has a voice like Kate Tunstall (?)

hey now,... you do win at scrabble sometimes!

FRIGGA said...

That's awesome! Well, I don't care much for facebook, but I love that sites like that make it easy to re-connect with old friends!

I totally think Missy should blog, of course I tend to think everyone would be better off if they blogged :-0