Wednesday, March 11, 2009


What is New With YOU?


Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Well let's see. I went for an eye appointment yesterday as I'm having a terrible time seeing out of my right eye. Some days I can't read well enough to blog. Anyway, it turns out that my eye has reversed itself from far sighted to near sighted and of course my lens is for far sighted. No wonder I couldn't see very well most of the time. New lens is on order.

I also found out that I am pre cataract in that same right eye, which means that the lens in my eye has some hard spots forming on it. Unknown what will eventually happen there. It is correctable so I'm not stressed.

Then that same eye has a very large section on the top of my eye that is very, very dry. I pick up the medication this afternoon for that.

Next week I have a colonoscopy scheduled as they found a pre cancerous polyp during the sigmoid they did last month.

So I guess I'm just falling apart. I'm telling you getting old isn't for sissies.

Hey, you ask! Have a great day. :)

JustMeShann said...

I have a headache and my ear hurts which pisses me off!
The sun is out that is a good thing...

They handed out pink slips today and it depresses me to think that so many will not have a job (I am lucky and I am not one of them)...

Chelsea has new tires on her Jimmy and she is smiling about it...

I am taking tomorrow off work to take Cody to the doctor and just because I need time to think...

Did I say the sun was out?

Ware are you doing? have you been up too? are you thinking?

Love ya, Shann

Asara Dragoness said...

Hopefully I will be done at work soon, just a few more things to do. Then I get to go home, where hubby is making me some lovely tilapia for dinner. That man is a wonder in the kitchen, I tell you what! Over the weekend he made some rosemary chicken, and then he made enchiladas with the leftovers... YUM!

*hugs for Callie!*

Star8278 said...

Does new clothes count? I have finally found black pants that I LOOOVVEEE.

I always feel like a million bucks with new clothes that fit just right. Makes facing the day that much better.

Hmm, what else?

My admin partner in crime is on her way to London, so I am flying solo running this office for over a week. Should be interesting, sure hope it doesn't cut into my blogging time. I used to be solo here for 2 years and it was hectic to say the least.

Ok, so what's new with you?