Wednesday, March 04, 2009

A Ramble..

I have Nervous Energy.. It's true I need to find a JOB.. I can't stand not doing money making things.. Yeah I could do my vinyl.. but I get bored to easily.. I think as I get older, My attention Bodabings all over the place.. I can hardly hold a stream line conversation for very long.. it's like as soon as the words are out of my mouth, I am on to something else. What the Heck is this all about.

I can't even settled down enough to read a book.. I am not tired anymore.. Hardly ever. I am living on about 5 hours sleep a night.. and not tired. WEIRD... Coffee Jitters me out.. This is all new to me.. The only thing really different is my blood sugar is way better under control. I am taking a new insulin called Byetta. I am losing weight. I am hardly ever hungry now. I do love drinking water. If I drink diet soda, I get heart burn.. Why am I complaining.. Well, I just am.. This is all new to me.. I guess what I am saying is.. What if I wanna focus on something I can't. I feel like I am 17 again and I can't live life fast enough at times..

I have been know to analyze things to death.. What's that all about? I don't Bleepin Know!


Linda said...

I guess this explains why you still have 14 pages left to read in "Twilight"! It must be the new medication that's making you so jittery and all.

Too bad you weren't closer, you could use some of the nervous energy to help me straighten out this mess of a house!

Mrs. Darling said...

Hey, if it makes you so you're not hungry Id forget analyzing it and just go with it! LOL

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh man my meds make me hungry!!! i need yours!

smiles, bee

Jolene said...

Ok, I need some of what you're having!! All I want to do lately is mope around and sleep!

Amazing Gracie said...

Help me out here: When did you stop working? Or am I just having a "senior moment?"
I'm glad you found a new med...
mine tend to pack on the pounds and I don't want that.

HalfCrazy said...

Hi there!

Uhm yeah, that is weird. I think you're just restless? Like there's something you wanna do for so long now and you don't know what it is or maybe you forgot? Or there's something coming up?

Uhm, you're already having... short attention span? Lol?

Actually, I sort of feel the same recently! But mine's weird too as I only sleep 6-7 hours a day but it's like someone pushed the 'Full Blast Energy' Button on my system! But well, I don't encounter short attention span moods. I concentrate better nowadays!

Much Love,

Sandy B and Dick said...

Oh my...use some of that energy on the challenge at my blog:)

MamaFlo said...

Tell me what's happening with you.....why are you leaving Entrecard? We're going to miss you terribly, don't go.
Thanks for EC Credits but I'd rather have you blogging :)

Jolene said...

Yes....what MamaFlo said!