Thursday, April 30, 2009

Current Events

Current Events of the date

Swine Flu of course
Chrysler going Bankrupt today
Vice President speaking his usual blunder
   (the child that constantly embarasses us)
Linda the 911 dispatcher actually made it to Vegas
I still have a cold/flu deal... I felt good yesterday today is a different story
My brother got the I-Phone
It is Foggy out this morning
Ozzy got a new Camo Collar
I planted 2 tomatoe plants yesterday, 2 zucc's, 2 bell peppers
My Cousins Kim Daughter's school in Alahabama closed today due to swine flu..
well, I am tired going to go back to bed...


Sandee said...

Feel better. :)

Sarge Charlie said...


The old sarge stole your very funny saying about pigs flying and swine flu. I used it on matt man and started a fur fight that lasted all day.

I am a raciest, I am a sexiest, I am full of vile anti American something, actually I kind of enjoyed the back and forth with his weirdo commenter's. I am some additional things but I do not use the words they used.

Have a good day………

I will not steal from you in the future. :>

Oh yes, I have weirdo commenters, I suppose that includs you....:>

Anonymous said...

Sarge, you are sexy!

Callie, Hope you're feeling better soon. I miss you!

Oh, and Lois FINALLY got carpet!

Traveling Bells said...

Sure hope you feel better soon!!!