Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Shannon!!!! & a Twitter Funny. :)

We maybe getting older Shann but at least we know about our twitter's.... stay young my friend. Miss ya...


CrAzY Working Mom said...

Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! :)

I saw Twitter on Housewives. Too funny. Hubby said, "What is Twitter anyway?" *LOL*

I said it's a network of birds that chirp all of the time!

star8278 said...

Happy birthday to the California Girl!

Hope she is having a great day, time to head over and twitter stalk her some.

Mo said...

I saw the Twitter on DH - then had to explain it to my mom on the phone the next morning!!!
HAPPY B-Day to Shann! (going off to her FB page to say HB!)

Linda said...

I saw the Twitter reference and had to roll my eyes - next thing they will be mentioning Facebook!

Happy Birthday to Shannon! Best wishes for many, many more!