Monday, October 05, 2009

Another Monday comes to a close

Today was a trying day with the Lil Hitler... He can turn a perfectly wonderful day into a nerve racking mess of a day.

I will be working all week because I will be house sitting/Buddy sitting for the next two weeks in Las Vegas.. Yeah!!!

Shann and her daughter Chelsea come to visit with me the first week and the second week will be my Aunt Jayne. Looking forward to this break.

Let's see I made a beef stew for dinner tonight.. Amazing I felt like I haven't cooked in ages. Being gone from home so much lately is tough and then what do I do turn around and leave for another two weeks... Then I come home for a week and we are off on a moving adventure for another week.. My Parents are moving to Illinois on November 2nd... Putter and I will be moving their furniture across 2000 miles. Should be fun!!!!!


Jolene said...

Oh my Callie! You are a busy lady lately!
I hope you have a fantastic time in Vegas. If I could afford it(and if I didn't need a stupid passport LOL) I'd come visit you....a Vegas getaway sure sounds nice! LOL

Amazing Gracie said...

A change of scenery is always good but dang, that's a heck of a lot of scenery!!! I didn't know your folks were moving - and so far away! That's gonna be a fun trip. Hope the weather won't turn it's back on you....

Linda said...

You had me at beef stew! I want to cook up a big ole' pot of it myself but I kind of have to wait until payday before I can even think about it at the moment. I did manage to make some apple crisp this evening, though, and it was yummy!