Friday, October 09, 2009

Racist??? What???

Why the hell is it, that if someone makes a comment about someone's lack of ability to serve in a public office. That just because that person is black another calls that person a Racist. How totally ignorant. It's not cause the person is black. It's because they suck at their job. Seems a Racist is the one that calls it out... That has never ever made since to me..


Jolene said...

OMG Callie! I sooooo hear you on that one!! That pisses me off beyond belief! We get the same reaction from people because we can't stand Obama. I don't friggin care if he's green, purple and blue stripes. It's HIM I don't like, not the color of his skin.

Linda said...

I so totally agree with you on this one; I think that the term has become overused and abused and most people have forgotten what a true racist is.

If you suck, you suck regardless of what color your skin is as underneath we all look the same!