Saturday, December 12, 2009

So what is new?

  • We had a week from the bottom weather wise.. bottom digit temps
  • freezing rain
  • Putter is in Florida at the PRI.. Performance Racing Industry show
  • Putter says it is humid in Florida
  • I had Jack Pepper sleepover on Friday night
  • My Boss gave me a Christmas Tree cause he has been hauling to California so I got a Grand Fir from him
  • I need to saw the bottom off so that is why it isn't up yet
  • Got new brakes on my car this week while Putter was gone
  • That's it... Boring
Oh something just happened the house just creaked, by my desk, never heard that before.. it was up in the corner... Makes me think of Earth Quakes... hmm not good..


JustMeShann said...

Glad your warming up... We did too, though it has been raining all day... The snow was stuffing! LoL... I would rather have cold than humid! They have big bugs in Florida... So how was it having a sleep over with the little Pepper Dude? bet he kept you on your toes! We are getting our tree tomorrow... I need new brakes on my truck, glad you got new ones for your little go cart... It's 2:07 am and I am coughing my brains out... Sleep tight Zzzzzzzzzz
I don't see any quakes happening in your neck of the woods tonight...hmmmm is right... LoL

Mo and The Purries said...

Well, I don't think your life is boring.
Any time spent with Jack Pepper can't be all that bland, can it?
Hope your house quits creakin' - around here, it's my knees!


Anonymous said...

Maybe that creak is some hot looking lumberjack coming help you put up the tree.... LOL!

Ok, I can dream, can't I?

Linda said...

I like Lois' explanation for the creaking! Nothing wrong with a hot lumberjack helping you out with your tree! Send him over my way when you're done with him!!

LAC said...

WoW! Hitler has a heart? He actually gave you a tree. That's very nice. But guessing it didn't do much to change the rest of his demeanor. Haha.

Can't wait to see your tree. Sometimes having a boring day is good! Enjoy it.