Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hmm thoughts

Can't sleep tonight :) Hmm wondering, wondering, wondering about my up coming trip.

I would think eventually this smoke plume that has disabled the other side of the pond and it's neighbors will make it's way across the ocean and circle around to us. How long will it last? It is very interesting to read up on this and see all the craziness it can cause. They say if your on the ground, you can't see it when looking up... it's up to far, right in the flight path. I talked to my friend Eyad who is in the UK, he said doesn't look any different from the ground to him.

How in the world will the airlines refund the whole world their airfares?.. I wonder if they have insurance for natural disasters. I would guess the only place with that much money would be, hell I wouldn't know, who would have that much money. Huh!? This thing is going to touch just about everything that functions... Just think people can't take their flights to Europe to get on their cruise ships..... Horrid the thought of that!!!!

So I am going to the midwest.... will we get a cool thunderstorm?... they are saying chances are slim. They had such a cold winter and it went so far south that the gulf didn't get a chance to warm up all that much. So Tornados and such are at a record low. That is a good thing. But, I wonder, this coldness... what else is it doing? Ah the brain wanders so.....

Racing has begun.... so that means it is Racing Widow time. That's okay I will go to the Movies :)
It's 12:30 am and the other half of this marriage is working on the racecar... Which I am glad he loves something and doesn't hang at the bar.

I can't believe it they had a stupid movie on the weather channel tonight. I think it was with Bill Murray and a gopher... Dumb!!! I wanted to watch the weather... a passion of mine. Goofy I know.

Another stupid thing what is the IRS/Health Care thing about.???. Pure stupid if I got to voice my opinion... I did, I just said it...

Who would have thought everything would be so incredibly screwed up. What a mess the world has become. I purposely haven't watched the news in a few days... I remember why... I am going to have to go on a news outage for a few days.

Now they say gas is gonna fly up to $4 bucks again... That is going to put a huge kink in the farm plans for this summer. The overseas containers we ship the Grass Hay in has went up another $700 so far this year... another kink in any kind of a profit factor. I am not so worried about a profit this year as much of just paying for the bottom line and putting people to work this summer.

Ah... I am blah blah along... sorry about that catch ya later.. the weather is on :)


Amazing Gracie said...

Our lives do run kinda parallel. I was checking out the weather channel a little while ago. My grandfather (mom's dad) was a farmer, and my folks had the store at Knott's. The only time they closed was Christmas Day and if the weather was extremely stormy. So I am a definite weather-watcher, as you know!
I've had to back off from the news a bit, too. It's a hard habit to break, but when you find yourself screaming at the TV and hoping the neighbors don't think you're yelling at your husband, you realize it's time to "back away from the set..." Total idiots and morons - all of 'em.
Hope you're asleep by now, it's an hour after you posted. Sweet dreams, my friend.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

hi honey! did your fish oil kick in? ha ha ha love this kind of post callie!

and i have moderation turned on because of so much spam. when it quits i'll turn it off again honey.

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Those are some very interesting thoughts you've got going there!

Just for you I'll hope for a big ole thunderstorm for the Midwest while you're there! I do love a good thunderstorm myself but it's still too early in the year for here yet. We had nasty cold drizzle yesterday which made touring Amanda's college choice not a good time at all!

So what did you think of Doctor Who? Other than Amy Pond and Claire could be cousins?!?

"Lois Grebowski" said...

OOH, you're gonna be nearby again... do I need to make a trip up? LOL

Hubby's the same way about the Weather Channel -- why in the heck do they call it the weather channel and you can't get the weather?