Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Check List

Wow, a list

  • Helen Thomas resigned "Thank goodness"
  • some big primary's in several states today
  • one more sunny day left in Oregon until tomorrow
  • Grandpa was looking for his mother Ester last night
  • Grandpa says he is ready to go to school today
  • We had to let him know that school was cancelled due to budget cuts
  • The Crazy Summer Season at work is almost ready to start
  • Jack has MRSA, is certain to get a pic line for around 6 months
  • Brighton will be getting her tonsils and adenoids removed
  • My Dad's Legs are still swollen...hmm wine they say, it was wine
  • Teresa needs 2 light bulbs :)
  • Mo has been going to bed with Sookie Stackhouse (HA!)
  • going to Illinois in September
  • going to Vegas in October
  • Peanut found the Dog biscuits and ate half a gallon zip lock bag of them.
  • Peanut now has a huge stomach and lots of gas (Phew!!)
  • Peanut was a bad doggie
  • Today is Tuesday June 8th 2010! Unbelievable


Lisa Ceaser said...

Cool list.

LOL, I am telling Eyad that Mo is sleeping aroudn on him. hahaha. J/K of course.

Poor peanut, gluttony!

Vegas, whoo hoo!

Boo hoo for Jack and Brighton. :(

Mo said...

You're gonna make me Google MSRA ain't ya?

Bad Peanut. Phew!

Where in Illinois?

And yes, I went to bed with Sookie Stackhouse, and I enjoyed every minute of it! :)

Sandy B said...

I'm with Mo on the MSRA thingy.

Oh yes, Dick and I will be in OR in August!...